My Brother Michael

February 1, 2012
By Anonymous

Michael had lived an amazing life even though it was rather short. Michael was a great friend; he was the kind of friend that stands by you when you need somebody to be there. He once saved my life. We were both young kids then and we weren’t very close. I was hastily walking across the street when Michael saw a speeding car. If it wasn’t for Michael, I would have died right there. That’s how I became close to Michael. Yes, that was 10 years ago and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

What is it that we remember when we think of Michael? I think everyone who knows him very well would agree with me on this. It was his sense of humor. He was the kind of person that would make everyone laugh so hard that they’d end up crying. Who could forget about his mama jokes? How about all his teacher jokes? Goodness! Just thinking about those green jokes still makes me laugh. He was so out there when he starts those jokes. That is what I will truly miss about Michael. He could make me laugh when I am really sad. He always cheered me up when he knew I just had a bad day. That’s the trademark of Michael. He always wanted to make people happy.

Michael and I have been through a lot together. Whether it was sharing stories about all the teachers we pissed off, or whether it was a deep conversation telling me he was going to be a father. He never got to show of how well of a father he would of turned out to be. This is quite saddening to us all.

I don’t think anyone could forget the legacy Michael left behind. He founded a major company called Spoon Holder Bowls. Everyone loves his great idea where the spoon can sit in the bowl instead flopping down inside to your milk, gravy or whatever else you have in your bowl. This invention has changed the entire invention of bowls and it’s all because he was the sort of man that was always thinking outside the box. He was a very rich man but not only in money. He was spiritually rich and very rich man with many friendships.

Michael’s death was sudden. I remember when I heard the news I simply could not believe it. Michael was too young but as it slowly occurred to me I have realized that Michael indeed lived his life wonderfully. Michael was well-loved and he had done so many things on earth and I’m sure he’ll do much more in heaven. I will forever be grateful to have known Michael. I will forever be grateful that Michael was there at the right place and at the right time to save my life. I will forever be grateful for spending 10 years of my life with a friend like him. All the memories I have shared with him will forever be cherished and remembered. Michael will forever live in my heart… In our hearts.

Michael is in heaven now and we are here on his funeral. This is not the time for us to grieve his death but it’s our time to celebrate his life. Don’t ever forget Michael. He never wanted to see people cry. He wanted to make everyone happy. So at this moment when we are about to lay his body to rest, let’s all think back and remember how Michael touched our lives. How he made us laugh and how good Michael was as a person. This is not the moment for us to shed our tears but we should all be thankful that we were given the chance to have known a man named Michael.

Michael will forever be missed but I know in the right time, I will meet Michael again. We will all meet Michael again and he’ll make us laugh in tears again

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