Light House Love

January 19, 2012
By TallyPally BRONZE, Taylorsville, Utah
TallyPally BRONZE, Taylorsville, Utah
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Water rushed up my nose, as I flung back and hit a cliff. I felt something wrapped around my ankle, suddenly I was pulled down. Squirming I smacked hard on a rock. My vision went blurry. Dizzy, I gently closed my eyes, and fell asleep.
I woke-up coughing, the man kneeling next to me smiled.
“Thank god!” He yelled.
“Whoa, who are you?” I jumped up.
“John David, Ma’am.” He said holding out his hand.
“Malana, and if you think you I’m going to shake your hand then you’re wrong. Where did you come from, anyway?” I asked raising one brow, and stepping back against the cliff rock.
“Over there.” He said pointing toward the forest, with an Okie accent.
“The forest, like with trees and grassy area’s?” I asked. I’ve never met anyone from the forest before, I thought to myself.
“Yeah my family has a home out there, well a ranch if you’d call it that.” He said.
“Oh…” I replied, looking around and then back at him.
“Hey Malana, do you want to come over to my house?” He said with a weird grin, like he knows who I am. I didn’t understand, I feel like I’m missing something in my head like its empty.
“Sure.” I heard myself say.
“Kay this way ma’am.” He said grabbing my wrist and leading me down the path.
“Kay.” I said rolling my eyes back and laughed. I knew I was going to hurt myself out here.
We were in the forest when he asked, “Where did you come from? I mean do you remember where you’re from?”
“I don’t know, ever since I woke-up I feel like I’m missing something. I remember sleeping in the Light House, I turned it on a few nights ago, but that’s all I remember.” I replied trying to think.
“You’re the owner of the light house? My mother told me that no one lived there, but she said it was haunted and that’s why the light turned on. I tried to tell her that someone I knew lived there, someone I loved…I mean I believed her.” He said looking away from me.
“I’m not sure, like I said before I only remember turning the light on, and I remember that my mom died a few months ago. I also remember that my name’s Malana and that I’m 17 years old. Wait you said you knew me?” I asked with a confused facial expression, and stepped closer to him.
“Hmm...” He said as he continued. “You might have some memory loss. My mom should be able to help with that.” He said totally avoiding what I had asked him, and I didn’t feel like arguing with him.
“At this point I think anything will help. “ I said yawning, it looked about 8p.m. The vegetation felt really wet and I felt very tired.
“You sound like you need some rest. Let’s hurry home; I’m sure my mom’s already started dinner.” He said.
When we got to his house his mother introduced herself.
“Hello Dear, I’m Dina David.” She said introducing herself warmly, greeting me with a smile and a hug.
“Hello Dina, I’m Malana.” I said hugging her back.
“Nice to meet you Malan, I am John’s mother. John’s never brought a young lady home before. He always talks about you.” She giggled.
“Thanks mother….for that, anyway can you check her out she hit some rocks earlier, and seems to be experiencing some memory loss.” He said blushing.
“Of course, John David watch the dinner, it seems about ready.” She said escorting me toward the dining table.
“Dear do you think you might have a serious concussion?” She asked me, she jumped at the sound of the front door slamming. His father walked by and step back fully looking at me.
“Who is she? Dina you know better than to bring a girl here without my permission.” He roared.
“This is Malana from the Light House.” John David cut in.
“This is Malana from the Light House.” His father mimicked. What’s she doin’ here?” I knew right then and there that I was not welcome, nor would I ever be welcomed.
“Dad please, Calm down.” John David said.
“You know the rules no bringin’ anyone into the forest, she could be dangerous.” He yelled. I rushed out the door. Running toward the forest my eyes started watering.
“Malana, come back!” John David’s shout rung in my ear, and I kept running his voice becoming only a whisper. When I fell I felt a chill on my knee. I looked down, scarlet running down my knee. I looked down my leg. I saw John David 20 yards away and quickly jumped up and ran limping.
“Go away!” I scram. “Leave me alone.” I added.
“Why are you running from me?” He asked.
“I don’t stay were I’m not welcome! I just want to go home; I want everything to be normal! I don’t need your help anymore!” I scram. I felt his arms grasp me around my waist. I stop running.
“Are you happy now?” I asked with a furious expression.
“Yes ma’am.” He smiled and continued. “Why’d you run? I’m just trying to help, before yesterday I didn’t think there was any way for me to find you again..” He said breathing heavily, as if the truth was too much.
“I didn’t know there was another family, things would be different, and I think I can re-gain my memory on my own.” I said looking everywhere except John David’s direction.
“I need my friend back; I need to be able to sneak away from my parents for at least a little bit of the day.” He said.
“I do too, but I can’t deal with too much pressure. Come to the light house with me, and why do you keep saying stuff like you knew me before?” I asked running from his grasp. He quickly ran following behind me. We stop at the door. Breathing heavily I lean against the door, and then opened it. I ran up the stairs to the Lantern room, and stood at the balcony. Moments later he ran up next to me. We sat staring at the Horizon.
“I was your boyfriend, before all of this happen. Your mom died and you were really depressed, and went cliff diving. I couldn’t stop you, and hours past, so I went out looking for you. You lost your memory, and didn’t remember me. I just wanted you back.” He said looking straight into my eyes, every word piercing my soul.
“I am so sorry, I had no idea.” I said just staring at him, and then something clicked, and I remembered it all. The jump, him, the fall, my mom, and everything about me.
We linked fingers; I laid my head on his shoulder.
“I wish I could just escape it all. Let my mind just forget everything, you know?” He said.
“Sometimes the pressure is too much. I can’t handle it. That’s why I come here, and forget.” I said to him.
“Do you remember now?” He smiled.
“Yes, I do. I remember our love we share, and memories, and the laughter, and of course your mother.” I laughed.
“She’s a hard one to forget!” He laughed.
“Come to my secret garden, please?”
“Secret Garden, Where is it?” He asked.
“Tibet. Let go, just leave, and tell no one.” I said smiling and standing up. He grabbed me, and kissed me ever so gently, and nothing existed anymore.

The author's comments:
The true meaning of love.

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