Love Can Have Boundaries

January 6, 2012
By ayogabbagabba BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
ayogabbagabba BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Eighteen years ago, two babies named Kamea Dimaguiba and Aleka Matapang were born. In Hawaiian, Kamea means “precious”, and Aleka means “protector”. Their mothers (who are best friends) gave them those names because they hope their names can define themselves, and to a surprise, it did. They also hoped for something more than friendship, but this would become a fifty-fifty chance.

One morning, as Kamea started walking at ten months, she tripped on a dent in the ground and landed on her face. She started crying so hard even when her mom tried to make it all better. Aleka walked to Kamea, and kissed her “boo boo”. She stopped crying in a few seconds, and hugged him afterwards. The mothers were extraordinarily surprised, and figured that the two would have immeasurable memories together.

In the meantime, on Kamea’s eighth birthday, she went on the playground. As she was playing on the swings, a bully pushed her down because the bully became impatient. Aleka saw, and bandaged her wound. He then talked to the bully, and that bully felt shame and walked away. Kamea smiled at Aleka and thanked him for being a “big brother”.

As Kamea got older, she started to date boys, but she always got hurt. She went through so much that she cries herself to sleep almost every month. All Kamea wanted was a relationship where “the one” was honest, and no secrets lying around. She wishes for someone who stays after the hard times, and never gives up on her. However, she thought that that only existed in fairytales. However, she did not look hard enough. Aleka started to develop feelings for her, because he understood her problems, and he was there ever since they were infants. Everyone left her, except her family and Aleka. She was just his “big brother”, and she did not want that to change. If they decided to go out and breakup, whenever they see each other and have a conversation, it would get awkward, especially since they have been friends for all their life.

Sooner or later, Aleka would have to confess to her, and he did. When it was Valentine’s Day, he told her as soon as he woke up. He invited her to the beach in Hawaii, and started to converse with her.
“Hey Kamea, can I speak with you?” spoke Aleka.
“Sure, what is it?” replied Kamea.
“Well…you see…I kind of…like you,” implied Aleka.
“No, Aleka.... I’m sorry. I can’t do this with you,” Kamea answered.
“Well, why not? I-I-I listen to you every day, you always vent to me, I’m the one you would I always trust, I-I’ve known you since like, forever--” stuttering Aleka, unfinished with his sentence.
Interrupting Kamea, she implied: “That’s why! I’ve known you since we were babies. Even our moms are best friends. I don’t want to date my “big brother”, you know what I’m saying? Plus, I trust you; I always talk to you about my boy problems, you always stand up for me, protect me, is always there for me, and you’ve been with me during my darkest times. Please, can we stay this way forever?” Aleka was speechless. He starts to hug Kamea, and Kamea starts to weep in his arms. “Kamea, I’m sorry I even said that dumb sentence. You will always be my precious little sister. Love you,” mentioned Aleka.
Kamea replied, saying: “You’ll always be my protective, big brother. Love you too.”

In the end, Aleka and Kamea were as close as possible, but not too close. To this day on, Kamea is still precious to Aleka, and Aleka still protects Kamea.

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