What Behind Clinic Doors

January 3, 2012
By Anonymous

Today Hallen has to make a run to see a nurse a a local clinic named Estelle to get her weekly dose of coke.Estelle who is 23 years old and a very hard working nurse that really wanted to be a doctor but a few road blocks got in her way along her excucational career.she used coke as a way to deal with all the crazy hours she worked and to deal with everything that she had to see day to day while working at the clinic .she drowned out all the tirdness and her overly photographic memory with a drug that she tells people day in and day out not to use.she knew it was wrong of her to even started taking coke ,she even knew the risks but she stopped caring a long time ago.Estelle wasn't a bad person at all she was a very caring and loving person.she had a very big heart and she just loved supporting people in no matter what they where doing.she belived that doing anything in your that really makes you happy that's what life is really about.Estelle was a very compasanate person.Estelles heart was takin by her fiances Anayazti who is 24 years old and is very loving ,caring,had a heart of gold.She brought a smile and very loving feeling to every single person that she met.She is exremely passionate about sing and writing music.Anayazti worked as a vetanaran assistant and work at a bar every Friday as there local talent.She loved what she dided.She was the type of girl that money ment very little to her .The two balaced each other out which was very good because Estelle was kinda a work aholic and she loved taking care of her self as well as to take care of both of them finacil but she wanted to make sure that everything was paid for and then extra.(an alarm goes off its 5 in the moring)I'm tired .another 6 am shift till god knows when I'll get off said Estelle.Anayazti rolls over and rubbbing her eyes very tiringly as well as giving Estelle a tiring look.Anayazti glances at the clock.Babe come back to bed you don't have to work so early and so hard said Anayazti.I hardly ever get to see you and when I do its only for a glimpse here and there.It feels like your a ghosts most days .SSHSHSH love just go back to sleep.I'm fine ,I promise I'll find time to see you .Plus we need the cash.No we don't we can make ends make and then some said Anayazti .We really don't need the money that much.Estelle stops what she was doing and it seems like she might actully giving what her fiance said a thought but then snaps out of it and grabs her scrubs to go take a shower. Anayazti sighs in frustration about Estelle and throws Estelles pillow accross the room.Estelle gets ready fast and packs her bag for work.Estelle is ready to leave so she leans over on the bed while Anayazti is puckering up and gives Anayazti a kiss on the cheek and if she wasn't in such a rush she would have knowtist that Anayazti wanted a kiss on the lips.Anayazti loved Estelle very much but sometimes she questioned the love she has for Estelle.She even questiones Estelles love when Estelle gets more involed with her work over geting more involved in there relationship.Anayazti let go of her thought and slowly let her self drift back to sleep.I really do love Anayazti ,I really do I woundn't be with her for 3 years ,sinse she was 21 and me being 20 if I didn't really love her said Estelle.For goodness sakes we are engaged.I work so hard and so many hours to make sure that I can save money and beable todo what ever me and Anayazti want to do when ever.While Estelle was taking the train to work Anayazti was geting up for work but unlike Estelle she didn't rush to get ready she always took her time.Anayazti took her time chosing each and everything she wore each and everyday.Everything she did she made sure it was something that had plenty of thoughts behind it.She never rushed and she always made sure she had plenty of time to do everything she had to do to get ready for work and her day.unlike Estelle ,Anayazti has a car.Her car is bubble gum pink which is her favorite color.While Anayazti drove to work Estelle was seeing her very frequent patient Hallen.So did you bring the stuff said Estelle.Of coarse I did but sinse you ask for more this time it costs more said Hallen.I really don't care how much it costs just give me my stuff.Hallen exchanges the coke for money from Estelle.Hallen leaves and Estelle takes the next patient.While Estelle was busy taking care of sick patients Anayazti was going on a break from the animil clinic that she works at as a vetanarian assistant.Sometimes I just wish Estelle wasn't such a work aohlic so much and really lived her life like hang at home with me said Anayazti.I really hope she remembers that I have a show tomorrow.If she doesn't remember about my show I'll be very defastated and I really don't know what to do with out her there.I do love her but I don't like most of thr time I'm all alone.When I get up,when I get home and when I go to sleep she not there .Sometimes it doesn't even feel like we are even in a relationship any more,we are more like room mates or best friends who just live together.I do love her but it is worth being with her if I miss her all the time and I hardly ever get to see her.Anayazti sighs and glances at her watch.Well id better get back to work .Estelle was just taking a break from work feeling over whelmed and not being able to get out of her head what Anayazti said.Estelle doesn't want to lose Anayazti but she needs the extra cast to make sure she can start furthering her career with out worring about money.I really understand what Anayazti is telling me and I really don't want to lose her over something as stupid as me working so many hours said Anayazti.I love Anayazti with all my heart and I don't want to ever imigine a second with out her.I know what I have to do because if it was the other way around I wount really like it if Anayazti wasn't spending so much time with me and working instead of being at home with me.So I'm going to ask if I can leave now and do something big to make it up to her.Estelle was able to leave earler than she had in weeks.Estelle desides she is going to have a very romantic dinner with her fiancees with lots of flowers and all of her's babies favorite foods.she went to the store and got all the food and everything else to make it the most romantic and very memomoable nights in her relationship ever.As soon as Estelle got home she started geting everything ready and cooking .She set up the table with Anayazti favorite flowers and puting out places mats that are pink which is loves favorite color.After setting up and starting dinner Estelle started cleaning up the whole house.She took a shower and put a a very beatuful blue dress and highheels and put on make up and jewelary on.Estelle looked very beatuful when she actully did dress up which was hardly ever she was a very beatuful women but she didn't always dress up so when she did its very specail.After geting everything. Ready and her self ,she went in her bag and got out the sack of coke she bought._he things is Estelle uses coke yes but only once in a while mainly she secretly puts it in Anayazti's drinks to help her got over her stage fright.Anayazti was just geting of work and thinking to her self what she was going to do once she goes home and she didn't want to go home alone so she desided to text Estelle "hey babe I just got out of work I hope work day wasn't that bad I hope to see you tonight ,text me when you go on break love you xoxoxo".As soon as Estelle got the text she hurryed up and hide the coke.She texted back Anayazti back as soon as she knew everything look perfect."hey babes works going good I hope I get to see you too ,if I don't I really sorry hope your night is very specail".When Anayazti read it she thought it was really sweet and thought nothing of it .As soon as Anayazti opened the door she was shocked to see that everything that she saw was so beatuful,adorable and what really toped it all off was Estelle greeted her at the door and gave her the most passionate kiss she had in weeeks.Anayazti was speakless,she didn't know what to say and Estelle took that as a good sign.Estelle pulled the chair out for her baby and pushed it in and gave her yet another very sweet kiss on the lips.A little after they started eating Anayazti finaly knew what she wanted to say.Why did you do all this and why aren't you at work and why are you being so sweet?Said Anayazti.Estelle comes over and takes her fiances over to the couch so they can really talk.She takes Anayazti hads and starts just really telling her what's on her mind and what she's really feeling.Well I realized that I love you with and I really thought about what you said and I thought about how much it suck if you were being more involved with our work over being more involved in our realtionship and I knew I would like it.So I wanted to make it up to you so I ask to get off early and I made dinner and I got all dressed up for you.You mean the world to me and I don't want to ever imigine a second of my life with out you so I did all this for you especally the whole geting all dressy.I know you like it when I do and I don't do it so much so I did it for you.I know over the past few weeks I been making you second think my love for you and I'm so sorry I ever did I love you.Anayazti kisses Estelle and gives her a hug.I'm really glad you did all this says Anayazti.I really did miss you and I really think you look very beatuful tonight brushing some of Estelles hair behind her ear while making her blush.I love you too babe.Looking deeply in to Anayazti eyes Estelle leans in and puts her head on Anayazti's head.I know you thought I forgot about your performances tomrrow but I didn't and no matter what I'll be there tomorrow at your show because I won't miss it for the world.Tomrrow night there's no where else id rather be and to prove it to you I'll show you right now.Estelle gets up and takes Anayazti by the hand and kiss her while leading her in there bed room.They ended there night with a happyending.The next morning Anayazti wakes up and is surprised to see that Estelle is still there she doesn't want to wake her but she doesn't want it to end so she puts her head on Estelle and cuddles with her while she's still asleep and slowley drifts back to sleep.When Anayazti wakes Estelles gone and she's sight and things well she expected that put when she looked down she saw a note that read "babe sorry to leave you sleeping in bed alone ,I didn't want to wake you ,you look so adorable sleeping.I had to run a few airens ,I'll be back so love you xooxoxoxoxox.""P.s I made you breakfast its on the table .Enjoy love you"Anayazti was so shocked and she felt so specail .she ate the lovely breakfast that was made for her.As she was going to wash her dishes she saw a another note from her fiancess."babes I wanted to makes sure you looked stunning to night so I bought you a brand new outfit hope you like it love you."Anayazti goes in the closet in the room to find her knew out fit it was the excaet same pink dress that she wore when she first met Estelle at the bar she performances at.She thought so sweet but it wasn't knew till she knowtist Estelle had some alteations to it.She had the pink dress .the dress had a longer zipper and the bottom of the dress had been made to stay down because when Anayazti wore the dress the last time hated that the zipper was to small and that her dress kept going up.Anayazti thought it was so sweet and Estelle even bought her new shoes and jewalary to go with it .As Anayazti was about to get in the shower she gets a text from Estelle saying that she wount beable to make it home in time to go to the show with her fiance but she will be at the performanves .Anayazti gets a little sad but doesn't want to lose all hope the day will end up better so she texts back saying okay ,I really do hope to see you at the show love you xoxoxoxox.Anayazti finsh geting ready and starts heading out the door to the bar .When she arrives the bar seems kinda dark but once she comes in she is suprised to see all her family and friends and everyone who means any thing to her to see her performe and only her.Estelle had arranged for ever one to come and even rented the bar for the whole night .Anayazti was so grateful but was very nervouse when she didn't see Estelle then she heared "thank you everyone for coming out to see my very beautful very sexy fiancee perform tonight and I just want to say I really love you Babe.Everyone starts awwing and clapping.Estelle grabs Anayazti hand and helps her on the stage .Once Anayazti gets on stage she can fully see Estelle has on the blues dress Anayazti bought her for a gift and was wearing a neckless with the letters A and E with Anayazti's and Estelles birthstones .Anayazti thought the neckless was so pretty and she thought Estelle looks so pretty tonight even more then usall.Estelle brushes some of Anayazti hair out of her face and smiles at her.Estelle whispers I love you and Anayazti whispers back I love you too .Estelle and Anayazti kiss .Estelle gives Anayazti a guitar she had never seen befor and when she looked again it was the same guitar that she broke the neck off when she dropped from her stage fright the first night she met estelle ,except it was fixed and colored pink and had I love always and forever babe inscrpited on the back with her's and Estelles date.She was shocked but didn't know what to say. Estelle took her hand on stage and wrapped it around her body so Anayazti was holding her and she was between her legs .She gased in Anayazti eyes and kiss her.Anayazti felt so nervouse and she didn't know what to play.She asked if Estelle had bought anymore of those drinks that help calm her nervouse every week to perform Estelle shook her head.the truth was the drinks were really just juice Estelle would mix with coke to calm down her fiancess.For once sinse she started secretly drugging Anayazti ,Estelle felt like it wasn't right to drug her anymore because she didn't want to and didn't think Anayazti really didn't need any coke . Anayazti didn't know what do do with out the drinks so she turned to ask Estelle but befor she could Estelle kissed her and took off the neckless she was wearing and put it on Anayazti.Estelle told her its for good lucky and that she need the stuipid drinks for her to perfrom cause she could do it all on her own.Estelle told her I belive in you and everytime you see the neckless it will remind you of me .the couple kiss again and Anayazti starts playing a song that she had wrote for Estelle and next she played the song she first had played at the. Bar her first night she met Estelle.the night ened with the couple being on of the last to leave .Anayazti had some a very memoorable two days and she didn't have to drive home also cause Estelle desided to drive for her to take them home.as they get home they sit on the couch and they both don't say a word but they don't mind cause there cuddle up on the couch.After a little bit they go changed into there pjs.They get recomforterable back on the couch.Anayazti looks up from laying on the couch with Estelle and notice something above Estelles pelvic line .She asks Estelle about it and she almost forgot about it ,Estelle told Anayazti the arens she had to run where for geting everything ready for your show and I got a tattoo of our intials and our date it read on Estelles pelvic bone A&E 8308 in very beautful curlicurvey with the colors hot pink and black and green.All Anayati could say is aww and gets up from the couch leans down and kisses her fiance and gides her to there room.when Anayazti wakes up she sees a note sayin didn't want to you when to get out breakfast and had to move our car .Anayazti goes back to sleep wating for answer .when she wakes again she see a crumpled up note from Estelle for her to go eat breakfast like a year ago.Then it hits Anayazti they her fiancess died almost a year ,Anayazti looked right under the bed for the memory box she had for but while reaching she found a letter from Estelle saying that she loved Anayazti and no matter what to never take off the neckless Estelle had put on her.Anayazti look at the calander and realized every day for the last 6 month she was reliving the last two days she had with Estelle befor Estelle got in the car accidnet.The sadest part is Estelles biggest fear was the thing that killed her

The author's comments:
It was just a story that i thought up for a this class I was taking this year and once I started written it was hard to stop and really hard to find a end point if people like IL write more storys on these charactors or like these story .A friend told me my work was good and that other had to see it even if it was one person when i submit it ,its a least me trying to share my work.

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