Brown Fountain

December 18, 2011
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I didn’t want to look but I felt my head turning anyways. I found myself staring straight at him and him at me. The connection began and I caught my breath; as a Harry Potter lover I remember the scene in the fourth movie where their wands connected with streaks of lightning. And honestly that’s what it was, our eyes connected and my mind screamed for me to let go but my heart was already thumping erratically at the sight of his brown eyes. And then I was drowning in the depths of his murky brown surface, the windows to his soul. The memories bubbled forward like water from a fountain and I saw the same eyes that made me feel loved so long ago. From then on I could not stop the flow of the memories we made and shared together. But as soon as I dove in I felt the undercurrent forcing me up again and I was pushed out and face to face with the frozen exterior he tried so hard to mimic from his friends. We turned away but it was too late. The connection had brought the three sisters back to their sewing, and yet again they began to sew the threads of our life together. And we’re going to have one hell of a time undoing those knots without cutting the threads of our life as well. Which begs the question, Can we even live without each other?

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