i see you in the stars...

December 26, 2011
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sometimes i wish that i haven't met you. wish that i haven't fall in love with you.sometimes when the wounds inside my heart becomes so painful and can not be bared.when the tears cover my face and fall on the ground.i wish that i could change the past and live without you.but when i close my eyes and imagine the life i would have when you're not here i feel scared, i feel lonely. when i think about my heart without you inside i can't breathe.even the wounds that you caused begins to scream stay stay don't leave. even the tears on my cheeks shouts i need you i need you don't leave. when i close my eyes and try to erase you i remember the time when i held you.i remember the life that we had and the smile on your face,i see the love shines in your eyes and i hear your heart beat running so fast.when i close my eyes good memeries that we had jumps inside my mind and make all the sadness deseaper . and then when i open my eyes i see your face in the dark shines into the night and your soul guarding my life stnading next my bed.it's dark and everyone are asleep but we're awake sharing the love that we have with the moon and the stars,whispering softly I LOVE YOU DARLING and the wind take it to you very fast making distance something with no matter i see the love in your eyes i see it in the stars when i close my eyes.when i open my eyes.your in my heart.<3 <3 <3

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