My New Girlfriend

December 20, 2011
By kasearch BRONZE, NorthEast, Maryland
kasearch BRONZE, NorthEast, Maryland
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It is early Monday morning; Steven is preparing himself for the long week ahead. Steven has a love for his job even though on some days it is very stressful. Steven is working his way to the top of the FBI Field Office out of Washington DC. Steven, his wife Anna, and their two kids George and Kim live in the nation’s capitol about two miles outside the mall. They have adapted to the smell of sewage and the roaring sounds of traffic at all hours, but what Steven has not adapted to is the stress of being a family man and a hard worker.

Around the corner, he arrives at his desk just shy of 4 a.m. Steven reads up on the case report from a serial killer. He remembers he has a press conference on the case at 9:30 a.m. The press is going to be demanding answers and new leads; however there is no new information he can share with the public. After his press conference The DNA results come back on panties… there is no match between the serial killer and this DNA profile. Steven paces back and forth pondering what he is going to say to his superior. When his Superior finally returns Steven has all of five minutes to talk when they get another body that shows up. Distracted the team hurries to figure out if it’s the copy cat or the real deal. Arriving at the scene the lead detectives put a rush on the DNA test for the boxers. This victim was a man not a woman. When arriving back at the field office Steven’s shift is over, he gathers his belongings and swipe out. On his way home he cannot stop visualizing the new murder scene and why they have not caught the alleged serial killer. As Steven thoughts begin to stress him even more he cannot fight his weakness anymore. He drives past the strip club and calls his wife, “Hey, honey I am working over tonight. I have to finish up the new case that came in today.”

“Okay. I will leave dinner on the stove. Love you!” exclaims Anna with no worry in her voice.

“Thanks. See you when I get home.” Steven then waltz into the strip club as he does many nights throughout the week. There is a new girl there tonight, as she dances on the pole in center stage with the lights flashing behind her. Steven stares in amazement after her performance he decides to try something new tonight. He invites the stripper over for a dance. As she dances her hot pink bra and matching thong sprinkle glitter on his shirt. Still not satisfied Steven invites her in to a private room. This is all the further they went tonight but Steven assured her he would be back for more.

Steven drives home picturing everything that just happen feeling more relaxed now than ever before. When he arrives home he sees the light flick on in the kitchen. He walks in to find its Kim coming to get a glass of water. Steven sits down to eat dinner and talks to Kim about her day at school. The next day is not nearly as stressful. Steven arrived home at normal time and they have a nice family dinner.

It is early Wednesday morning, outside is enormous storm clouds and down falls of rain. Luckily the rain stopped by noon. Steven had also gotten good news today. The man that was murdered was the copy cat killer. The real serial killer tracked him down and killed him using the same signature as all his other victims. Even though today was nowhere near as stressful as other days, Steven could not help but feel he needed to go back to the strip club tonight. He called his wife before leaving the office same story as usual and that was it. However, tonight Anna called Steven around 8:30 p.m. at the office and no answer, so she called the main office and they said Steven had left work his usual time at 4 p.m. Confused Anna hung up the phone and called Steven’s cell phone… no answer. Therefore, Anna used the GPS locator on the phone to see where Steven was. She followed the GPS to the strip club. When Anna arrived she drove around the block a few times to see if she would see her husband. About the fifth time Anna circled the club she saw Steven and the stripper from the night before leaving the club getting into Steven’s SUV. Anna furiously drove home and sent her kids to bed right away. Steven arrived home around 11:30. Steven found it odd that the lights in the living room were on usually Anna goes to bed and does not wait up. Steven walked in to find Anna sitting in the chair directly across from the garage door in the kitchen. Steven walked through the arch way and asked Anna what she was still doing up? Anna responded, “Figure I would wait up to see you and hear all about your day.”
Stunned Steven said, “The usual filed reports and closed a case. How was your day?”
“Not the best,” there was a pause, “so anything interesting happen today you want to share?”
Anna was fishing for answers but kept getting the same response, “No, let us go to bed now.”
After she got nowhere trying to wait for him to say something she said, “So hook up with any new strippers lately?”
Steven did not know what to say, he was so thrown back by that statement. Eventually, he said, “How?”
She replied with, “Member how you wanted GPS on the phones just in case George or Kim got stolen? Well it back fired for you… I called your office and they said you left normal time all this week. How long have you been seeing this girl?”
“We’re not seeing each other,” he was interrupted.
“Please, do not lie. Make it easier and just tell the truth.”
“Well,” he began again, “The girl is a new thing it has only been two days.”
Anna withdrawn asked, “Is that everything?”
“No I have been going to strip clubs all the nights I called to tell you I was staying late, I just needed a way to relax.” Steven announced sympathetically.
“Well I want a divorce and the kids!” Anna exclaimed!
Steven begged for another chance for Anna pranced away and Steven was left on the couch. The next day Steven was looking for an apartment and a lawyer. He found an apartment a block away from his office and six blocks away from the strip club. Anna’s divorce lawyer won everything over from Steven. Steven was allowed visitation rights only and must pay child support. After court Steven continued to go to the strip club but only on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, the nights that Callie worked. Eventually, the once a week hookups turned into actual dates. And Steven learned that she was only stripping to get money for college and that once she graduated was looking to get a nursing job at the local hospital. Steven helped her with the rest of her college tuition and she stopped stripping.
About a year and a half after the divorce, the kids did not want anything to do with Steven and he proposed to Callie.

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on Dec. 28 2011 at 4:21 pm
k.Wrizzle. GOLD, Dry Prong, Louisiana
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The plot is interesting... But I have issues with the way it flows. It reads like a list of facts, not a story. Also, at the beginning, you began many sentences with "Steven did this. Steven did that. Steven went here." It would flow better with a few more "he"s and such. However, the story itself was interesting. Just work on the flow to reduce the choppiness.


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