Perfect Life

December 11, 2011
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Saying the words “Honey, I’m home”, to the person that you’ve known for 13 years, and been married to for three years is an splendid feeling. Knowing that behind the door you’re about to enter, is the person you love with all your heart, and have had so many feral adventures with, makes you take a second to appreciate what you have and be thankful for having love in your life. Being 27, a lawyer, having an indescribable husband, and especially a 6 month-old baby, is almost what you call a... Perfect life.
Nathan is the type of guy that would laugh at anything. He can never hurt a fly. However when he gets mad, the veins in his neck and arm popped out and his eyes turn dark. Nate, as I call him, knows how to love and how to make everyone feel better. He has a way with words and touch. The way he touches you you instantly feel safe. He’s an easy person to love. To me he is perfect.
“Honey, I’m home!” I exclaimed walking through the door.
“Hey babe how was your day?” affirmed Nathan.
“Ehh, it was alright, not a lot of clients today. It made for an easy day,” I said with a smile of my face watching him getting up from the couch to come kiss me.
“Hahaha how was your day boo?” I asked playfully sitting on the couch kicking off my heels.
“It was fun! I took Vanessa for a walk in Central Park, I took her to the local Carnival, then we went to Chelsea’s Market.” Nathan said while making little dance steps to the kitchen. As he poured two glasses of wine he said, “I missed you babygirl,” while a little frown was forming on his lips.
“I missed you too. We really don’t have enough time with each other. We hardly see each other. Why don’t we take a little vacation? France, maybe? Visit some of your family, show off our prized possession,” I stopped to smile. “I mean you just came back from Hawaii, I finally finished that case. We have at least a week to do anything. How about it?” I said wide-eyed, squirming in the couch while waiting to get a response from Nathan.
“That’s a great idea!” he chuckled.
“Then it’s settled. France for Christmas.” I let out a sigh, laying down on the couch, looking out the gigantic window that faced the Statue of Liberty.

Nathan and I lived in New York. We both finished collage. Nathan opened a restaurant, which now was one of the most successful in all of New York, and I had my own Law firm. We lived in Residential Sky Scraper, our apartment was on the 32nd floor. We had a German Shepard puppy named Jake, and a little baby girl named Vanessa. She is 6 months old, and one of the cutest babies you will ever see. She has greenish brownish eyes that change colors like her fathers, and brown hair.
Nathan and I are both originally from Europe. I’m from Romania, and he’s from France. We met in 8th grade when we first started dating. We dated on and off for 7 months, after that time passed by and we were still with each other, happier than ever. He convinced my parents to stay in America throughout high school. We dated all of high school, then we both went to college and somehow, like a miracle, we were still together. More in love than ever, at 25 we moved in together and helped each other get out lives steadied and ready to start family.

A year later, we had a baby named Vanessa. Our lives were perfect. Every day when we were young, we talked about having a life like this. Never, did we think it would happen.
“Baby,” Nathan startled me from daydreaming.
“Sorry boo, a little tired. So how was Hawaii?”
“Umm.. that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.”
“Hmm, yes, what is it?”
“I kinda had too much to drink, and don’t remember much after that.” I stared at him for a long moment. I slapped him, stood up walked to the bed room and shut the door and locked it.
“BABY! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to upset you, I thought it would be better if you knew!” he apologized while knocking on the door.
“No, don’t even think about it,” I said tensely.
“Andy, I’m sorry babygirl. I love you honey. It was the last night and I met some dudes there. Nothing big.”
“You’re going to have make it up to me. Big time!”
“Okay Andreea, that is what I’m going to do.” I heard him shuffle across the house. After a few minutes I heard him knocking again saying “Sweetie, why don’t you go take a shower and doll up.” I open the door confused.
“What are you talking about?”
“I called Jacob; he’s coming over to get Vanessa while you and I go to Bouley. I Madera reservation”
“Okay!” I let out one of my famous squeaks and sprinted to the bathroom.
Two hours later, we were in the car on the way to Bouley. On the way, we held hands and listened to Chasing Cars. Both of us were so relaxed. At Bouley, we had a spectacular meal, associated with glasses of wonderful wine. I could say it was almost the perfect date. When we got out of the restaurant, we were surprised with the fact that it was snowing. The valet brought us our car. We scurried into it, to save ourselves from the icy wind. On the way back home, Nathan spoke slowly and sweetly,
“I’m sorry once again Andy. I love you.”
“Your almost forgiven,” I joked. As always, Nathan took it seriously, stopped the car, told me to stay there, and went somewhere. Ten minutes later, he came to the passenger door with a Starbucks coffee and a bouquet of flowers. I smiled pleasantly with admiration for his gesture.
“Awwwwwwww!” I exclaimed. “Your forgiven Nate!” I jumped out of the car and kissed him. We both drove back home with a smile on our faces. We gave the keys to the valet, I held the coffee and the flowers, I jumped on him kissing him in front of the lobby door in the snow. It could’ve never have been more perfect. We hurried to the elevator, kissing all the way up, all the way up the hallway, kissing in the doorway, all the way to the bedroom door. Let your imagination tell you the rest.
Morning came. I got woken up by the soft barking of Jake. He was on the bed licking my hand. I laughed while sitting up. Nathan was already up. As I looked back to the doorway I saw him standing with Vanessa in his arms smiling.
“Good morning my beautiful wife.” He beamed.
“Hmm indeed, good morning my two most prized possessions” I said while reaching my hands giddily for Vanessa. I grabbed her small waist and twirl her up in the air to hear her tiny squealing laughter of joy coming out of her small body. I couldn’t help but laugh. Nate sat down on the bed next to me. We both looked outside the window, watching the sunrise come up. We smiled and all four of us cuddled.
During the day, I made calls and got us plane tickets to France. I talked to Karen, who was my right hand in the Law firm, and asked her to tell all my clients I’m going on a week’s worth of vacation. I settled everything at work, I made sure all my clients were taken care of, and then I went home.
“Hey boo,” I sighed walking through the door.
“Hello Andy, how was your day honey?” Nathan asked.
“Tiring but productive,” I said as I pulled out the tickets. “I got us the plane tickets.” Nathan smiled and put them down on the table, grabbed my waist and picked me up. He sat down on the couch in one quick move and I landed on top of him.
We stared at each other as we always do when we are thinking. He grabbed my hands and in a cute voice he said, “Look at those hands! They are so tiny, baby hands.” I immediately laughed and kissed him. We both laid there for a couple of minutes just hugging when we heard a soft cry coming from the other room. I got up and skipped to Vanessa’s room, I picked her up and she started to coo. Nate came behind me and held both of us. In that moment, never have I felt as loved and safe.
In the following week, we packed and got ready for our first trip to France since Vanessa was born. The date of December 17 came; we rushed to the airport with our entire luggage. We checked in and after that, we boarded the plane.
All of us, and yes including Jake, were relaxed and ready for a week … of paradise.

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