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December 7, 2011
By papa1234 SILVER, Stickney, Illinois
papa1234 SILVER, Stickney, Illinois
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It was a gloomy Monday after in the town of Oak Park, at the corner of Lake Avenue and Oak Park Avenue when Jamie who was coming out of a coffee shop ran into Jane….
“Hey Jane, how have you been?”
“Oh hey Jamie I’ve actually been great, what about you?”
“That’s good to hear, and I’ve been pretty good too just really busy with work and school but I’m getting by.”
“And your love life how’s that going?”
“Wow my love life that’s just horrible I broke up with my ex-girlfriend two weeks ago and she called me last night to tell me that she was three weeks past her period and that she had gone to get a pregnancy test and well it came out positive!”
“Wow Jamie you’re going to be a dad.”
“Yeah I know it’s a surprise but I’m not sure about that child being mine because she’s been around that’s why I broke up with her because she cheated on me.”
“This id the girl you left me for isn’t it Jamie?”
“Yes Jane she is…”
“Well Jamie I’m sorry but I can’t help you because from the beginning I told you she was bad and you still left me...”
“I know I know you told me this but she got my attention she seduced me I was hypnotized by her.”
“That doesn’t justify anything you did to me I never did you wrong”
“I know it doesn’t but I can’t change the past.”
“You could’ve just avoided that mistake; did you know that I was completely in love with you? Of course you didn’t because you never loved me...”
“I did Jane I did a lot.”
“Those are the biggest lies ever; you don’t even know the definition of love. Jamie love is an option you either choose to love some, and you choose not to love me and I know you never loved me because it’s never easy to love someone but you gave up, and look at what you got know a possibility at being a dad with a woman who doesn’t even know who the father is? That’s just pathetic!”
“Jane how could you say that?”
“if your hurt because of what I just said imagine how I felt 20 times worse but I’m Done with this. It’s in the past and this is the last thing I needed to do is let you know how I feel. Bye Jamie you’re never going to see me again.”
“Jane wait!”

The author's comments:
i wrote this because i think this we all go through this experience at least once in our life's and we should evaluate all the decisions we make before we make them.

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