The Unknown Fairytale Ending

November 27, 2011
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I wasn’t ready for this. As much as I wanted it to be, this wasn’t going to be some test I could simply study for. This was like what Tim once told me, “In school you get the lesson first and the test later. In life you get the test first and the lesson later.” But as much as I tried, I couldn’t deal with this. If I did something George didn’t like I’d definitely hear about it later. Does he know about today? It’s not only Valentine’s Day; it’s my birthday. I hope he doesn’t feel pressured to do anything. But maybe he should? I mean as a man he is supposed to impress, but is he going to over impress me by meeting his parents? He may think I’m great but I’m not ready to meet his parents…. or am I? Am I what his parents thought he would marry in to or am I a disappointment? No stop it!! You probably won’t meet his parents. Calm down. It’s just a normal date- with your boss…After a day that seemed to last forever the date was about to commence. Today in the office he told me too dress fancy. Although what is fancy in New York? Does this mean red carpet or just typical restaurant clothes? A fancy suit? No… that might be too fancy. I need to kick it up to a dress. Would a dress give me an impression that I am trying too hard? Is the suit the perfect clash of elegant/casual or is it too casual for the place we are going to? After several minutes of pacing back and forth and worrying I finally decided on a dress. The bell rang I saw George through the peephole. I opened the door and he looked at me, his eyes full of amazement. The look on his face was indescribable.
“Hello…” he said, his eyes glued on me, “You look amazing.”
He took my hands, dainty, but at the same time callous - damaged, and put them in his. He had taken his fingers and gently rubbed my hand. That’s fantastic. That shows he’s comfortable around me. I looked into his eyes and realized that they weren’t the brown murky color that most guys had; they were blue like sapphires. His hair is so perfect. Is my hair in the right place? I decided to ignore it.
“Thank You. You look very handsome in the suit. So where are we going?” I said in reply.
“You’ll find out in a few minutes.”
He put his arm around my shoulders and guided me down to the elevator and we walked in. We got down to the street and I saw a black stretch limo. Amazing. The only word I had thought. We both got in and we talked about some pretty random things. Ohio, birds, dolphins, psychology and even the development of the human brain. When we arrived at our destination, the limo slowed to a halt and I realized that it wasn’t a restaurant or a red carpet event, but a farm that is lit up and has a table set up for two in the middle. It had the beautiful trees and the white Christmas lights covering the top of our scenery and the beautiful clothed table set so elegantly and perfect. It looked as though this was someone’s life project.
“You arranged all of this for me?” I said in amazement
“Who else would I arrange it for?”
“Why would you go through all this trouble just for me?”
“You are the only one I would do this for.”
At that moment I felt something in the pit of my gut. He worked on all of this for me. What do I mean to him? What will I mean to him in two hours? A girl he works with or his girlfriend?
“So what kind of strings did the boss pull?”
“Well this is my grandfather’s farm. He bought it in the 1920’s and it is retired so we use it for the family on special occasions.”
What does that mean? Has he brought other girls here before? Is this some stupid trick he tries to pull? Does he try to impress all girls with this charade? No, stop it! George is a good man!
“So when was the last time you went here?”
“I was here about 4 months ago. It’s just such a beautiful place. I come here to appreciate how special it to have a life living on a farm.”
Ok, so he hasn’t taken other girls to this place. Well at least not recently.
“Well I’m happy that you’re back on your farm. So what is on the menu in Le Ristorante George Atkinson? Ha buon cibo?”
“You speak Italian? Very impressive… and yes it has fantastic food. When did you learn?”
“I took Italian my freshman and senior years.”
At this moment he stands up and gets something. It looks like some sort of brown, thin book.
“Il menu mia signora.”
“Well, as the Italians would say, grazie.”
“You’re welcome.”
I take a good look at the menu. So many different options! I love pasta but, is it too messy? Do I want to go for a salad? Yeah I’ll go with that. Wait… I don’t want to seem overly concerned for my figure. The waiter comes and looks like he’s ready to take our order. He started talking.
“What drink would you like tonight sir?”
“We will have some champagne,” George said.
“Very well sir.”
Good… ok, he left more time to think… so. No pasta. No salad. Hmmm… Perfect! The fish. Not to small but very elegant and I’ll enjoy it. The waiter came back and brought the champagne. Then he asked us for our order. We told him and then he left to give it to the chef, while George prepared a toast.
“To our first date, may I have many more pleasant nights with you.”
Our glasses clinked together and we continued with the rest of our dinner. We went on talking throughout the night. We actually talked quite a lot because George is a conversationalist. When I am around him I am one too, even though I’m not one really.
We finished a really good dinner and the limo drove us home. I wonder if he is going to come into my apartment. If he does what will happen? Is this friendly coffee or his he expecting me to kiss him? I don’t know what to do! I have no clue on these kinds of things! We finished the ride and he walked me to my apartment like I expected.
“Well, good night.” he said.
I turned walked up to my door and turned they key and then said, “Alright, good night. See you tomorrow.”
I turn around quickly. I wonder what this is. What will happen now?
“It’s your birthday right?” he questions, with a mischievous look on his face.
“Well I need to give you a birthday present. Close your eyes and don’t open them until I say so.”
I do what he asks. He has one hand on my lower back and one on my neck. I start to feel his lips on mine and my arms started to wrap around his neck. After a few seconds we break apart and I opened my eyes. George’s are open as well.
“I didn’t tell you to open them.”
“Sorry, George”
“Don’t be.”
Before I can say anything he kisses me again, longer this time. When we separate I close my eyes until he tells me to open them.
“Well I have to say that was a very proper good night Atkinson.”
“Well how could you think I would leave you without doing the decent and nice thing to do? Come on give me some credit.”
“Alright I’ll give you some next time this happens. Thank you for the dinner… it was… incredible.”
“Well Good night, Lilly. I really had fun tonight.”
“Good night George.”
He turns around and walks to the car. I turn around close the door and start jumping around in excitement. I can’t believe he kissed me. It’s amazing! I hope this happens again! It was so amazing! The lights, the candles, and the champagne… it was just amazing! I know I need to go to sleep but I can’t sleep I this state. I ended up staying up until two in the morning just thinking about him.

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