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November 30, 2011
By aisya_addin BRONZE, Malacca, Other
aisya_addin BRONZE, Malacca, Other
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“Hello, may I sit here? The other places are full,” asked someone in front of me. I looked
at him and looked around in the Coffee House. It was full with many people doing their own
works. I nodded and allowed him to sit. Then, I continued with my readings.

“Do you remember me?” he asked me again. I looked at him weirdly. He was wearing a pair of
glasses and overall he was quiet good-looking. “No,” I said. “We met at Kuala Lumpur International
Airport three months ago.” He told me with a nice smile on his face. My mind suddenly recalled the
incident which happened three months ago.

“Mum, Dad, please don’t worry about me. Aunty Miza can take care of me. I’m not a child
anymore. I’m twenty right now so please believe that I can take care of myself,” they were too worried
to let me go to Australia for my studying. They hugged me tightly and gave me a lot of advices. My mum
said to take care of myself in Australia. I waved good bye to Mum and Dad and went to check-in counter
before I board the flight.

As I had two hours of boarding time, I walked around the airport to fill my time. I went
into a book store and went to the novel section. I grabbed one of the books with the title ‘ Love Story’ by
Erich Segal. I read the synopsis and the last sentence attracted me, ‘love means never having to say you
are sorry’. I decided to buy the novel and a packet of cookies to munch. Then, I went to the cashier.

I sat down in a soft armchair in the VIP room of the airport to rest and read in peace.
Suddenly, a man who was wearing a casual suit sat in the seat next to me. There was a packet of
cookies lay on the small table between us. I looked at him for a while. He looked like a successful
businessman with an Armany suit on. Then, the man took a business magazine on the table and
read it.

A few minutes later, I took the first cookie and ate it while reading. It tasted very
delicious with many chocolate chips on it. The man took one also. I felt very irritated but said
nothing. I just thought, ‘what a nerve! If I was in the mood I would punch him for daring!’ I was
on top of my patience because for each cookie I took, the man took one too. This was infuriating
me but I did not want to cause a scene because there were many people there.

Then, only one cookie remained. The man closed his magazine. Then, he took the last
cookie and divided it into half and gave me one half. I started losing my patience. “Ah.. what an
abusive man! He gave me one half of my cookie? That was too much! In a huff, I took my book ,
my things and stormed to the boarding place.

I sat in my seat inside the plane. I was so angry with the man. I looked into my black
purse to take my eyeglasses and I was extremely surprised when I saw my packet of cookies
was there. Untouched! Unopened! I felt so ashamed ! I realized that I was wrong. I had
forgotten that my cookies were kept in my purse. The man divided his cookies with me without
feeling angered or bitter. While I had been very angry , thinking he was dividing my cookies with
him and now there was no chance to explain myself nor to apologize.

My beloved friend had told me before. There are four things that we cannot recover.
First, the stone after the throw. Second, the words after it’s said. Third, the occasion after the
lost and lastly, the time after it’s gone. What should I do now? I wish I would meet him again
just to apologize.

“Hello,” the man waved his hand in front of my face. “Are you okay?” asked the man.
My cheeks turned red. I bowed to pretend to read my novel. ‘Oh no! What should I do now!.’
“Do you still remember me? It’s okay. I forgave you. I’m Khairul Fahmi and you?” asked the man
with a sweet smile. “ I’m Arina Aisya. I’m so sorry about that. I thought the cookies were mine,” I
said. We were laughing together when we remembered about the incident. Starting from that
day, we became friends.

The author's comments:
hello my name is aisya. i'm from malaysia.

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