October Love

November 9, 2011
By Paper_Poetic GOLD, Highland Village, Texas
Paper_Poetic GOLD, Highland Village, Texas
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the stars are so peaceful, I thought on a cloudless night from on top of my roof. A cool October breeze flitting through my lonely Seattle suburb made the night....serene. It was chillingly perfect. The leaves were beginning to change to a somber orange and yellow, there was a delicate and mysterious aroma prevailing the air after the newly fallen rain, and most important of all, it was quiet. the moonlight reflected gently off of Ashley's soft face, and for the first I really noticed just how beautiful she is. How close she was to me. How deep the knowledge ran in her eyes. I couldn't help but notice how tender and inviting her lips looked. I was acutely aware of her arm gently touching mine. In a soft, rough voice, I whisper, "Dont you love how gentle and free the stars are...how care-free the wind is? It's beautiful." Ashley leaned a little bit closer, and in a voice as pure as as angels, whispered "I'll be the stars, if you be the wind," as she smiled un-characteristically large. Without consciously planning on it, I kissed her. I didn't notice the light drizzle, and I was only vaguely aware of my hand gently placed on her neck. I was completely oblivious to the placid silence. At that exact moment, the only things I was able to comprehend were the warm feeling in my stomach, her soft lips, and the gentle autumn breeze, taking me away.

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