unreal fantasy #1

November 20, 2011
By boricua505 GOLD, Savannah, Georgia
boricua505 GOLD, Savannah, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
Too thug for the streets.
It's all about that thug life.

On the phone:

Me: hey
Jordan: hey
Me: what are you doingg?
Jordan: watching t.v..you?
Me: nothing. Hey i was wondering if you wanted to come over and hang out?
Jordan: sorry i can't babysitting.
Me:oh well okay bye.
(hangs up phone)

Later on that night

I was just about to get under the covers when i herd a thud at my window. I paused and waited to see if it was my imagination. A couple seconds later i herd the thud again. I went to my window and looked down. It was Jordan. My heart did a little flip flop at the sight of him. I opened the window and whispered loud enough for him to hear "what are you doingg here at 2 o'clock in the morning!?" " can you come down??" He said back. " are you crazy?!" I exclamed. " please" he said giving me the puppy eyes that he knew good and well i couldn't resist. I rolled my eyes "fine". He smiled. I grabbed my slippers and went down stairs and quietly opened the door. He looked at me with amused eyes. " well don't you look nice" he said smiling. I looked down at my purple tank top and my spongebob pj pants with my frogy slippers. " Jordan really!?" I said. He grabbed my hand "come on beautiful" he said dragging me. I hesitated, and looked back at the house where my parents were sleeping and could wake up at any moment. " i don't know..but before i got to finish his lips were on mine. The kiss was long and passionate Jerk. Then he pulled away both of us breathing heavily. " come on i want you to see something " he said pulling me. Dizzy headed i followed him silently cursing myself out for being so weak. Like ten minutes later my curioisty took over. "where are we going?" I said. "it's a surprise, i can't tell you ,because then it really wouldn't be surprise now would it?" He exclamed. I pouted. I hate the feeling of being blind, god only him i swear. Just when i was about to start talking again he came up from behind me and covered my eyes. Now i really did feel blind. "really? You've got to be pulling on my leg" i mumbled. " no peeking " he said. He led me down while i was trying not trip... Wouldn't that be embarrassing. "ready? He said a couple seconds later. I nodded anxious to see what was going on. He took his hands off, and i felt the breath be knocked out of me. It was a picnic next to a lake; and what made it stunningly beautiful the moons reflection was shining on top of the water along with the stars. "do you like?" He said. " Jordan it's......AMAZING!!!!!" he grabbed my hand and brought me close. " well i wanted to make up for never seeing my baby...do i pass??" I smiled "definitely. He gave me a small peck on the lips. " well lets go swimming" he said already taking his shirt off and running towards the water. I smiled and took off my own clothing as well. I stood knee high in the water...it was freezing!! Then of course Jordan comes up and splashes me. I gasped shocked it was so cold. Jordan laughed at my expression. " oh no it is so on Jordan Scott eckert time for the games to begin" i said. He laughed " well bring it". Then i dunked him and giggled. Then it became a game of splashing and giggling. Then at one point Jordan stop splashing and he was no where to be found. "Jordan?" I said looking around. Then from under the water he emerged picking me up by the waist and twirling me towards the sky. I looked at the sky and laughed and imagined us dancing. Then he set me down so our foreheads were touching. We started at each other for a moment. Then he put a strand of hair behind my ear and whispered" i love you Ashly". " as i love you Jordan" i said back. He tilted my head up and kissed me. It was a kiss that contained a connection, a kiss that showed boundingg, a kiss that showed how perfect we were for each other, a kiss....one of a kind.

"i love you Jordan" was my last thought.

The author's comments:
This what i wished would've happened with my ex when we were together but it was the complete opposite.

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