True Love

November 21, 2011
By MedusaViolet BRONZE, Lakewood, Ohio
MedusaViolet BRONZE, Lakewood, Ohio
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The in-breath is willed, the out-breath is automatic.

I open my eyes. My surroundings turn upside-down and then go into focus. No windows. Wallpaper is stained and peeling. I look up. A single naked light bulb hangs from the cracked and leaking ceiling. I try and turn around but find I am tied to a chair. A single knock pulls me from my confusion. I try to say something along the lines of come in, but my lips feel sewn shut. Behind me a door opens anyways. It slams shut and the sound of steel on steel echoes off the empty walls and rings in my ears. I feel someones hot breath on the back of my neck. They lean into my hair and inhale. The they grab a handful of it and drag me out of the room, chair and all.
I am being dragged down a hallway. These walls are a bit more interesting than the ones in the last room. There are scratches and what looks like red paint splattered all over them. The scratches go all the way down to a black door at the end of the hall. Up until now, I have felt no emotions. No pain, no panic, not even fear. But now a very distinct emotion creeps into my soul. As they open the door into hell, I feel love.

The author's comments:
I find beauty in the grotesque. We all have our little fantasies...

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