Eyes Locked

November 21, 2011
By TheInvisibleGirl BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
TheInvisibleGirl BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
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I met his eyes briefly. They were warm brown like sweet melted chocolate. They looked so different from my blue eyes, icy and cold with a spark of fiery fight hidden deep within. His eyes were simple, but I could never escape the feeling that he had a secret.
I looked up again, he was watching me, I pretended to look at the clock hanging above his head, but I could see him perfectly as he talked to his friend.
I'd like to imagine they were talking about me. Isn't that funny, I've hardly said more then a sentence to him, but I already know what my wedding vows would be. I know what my vows would be if I married any guy in my entire grade. I can't help but think like that.
I want a guy who will play COD with me, and let me win, sometimes. Someone to have snowball fights with, and drink hot chocolate. Someone to pick me up and spin me around and then wrap me up in a tender embrace.
My hand was rolling across the paper again, following the lines that I saw throughout the room. No one ever saw what I drew, and that was the way I liked it. I was drawn out of my reverie when the bell rang, a loud gash across my not so perfect world.
Our eyes locked once more.

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