No Air

November 4, 2011
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His strong arms held me that night. My tears landed on his chest, his on my cheeks. He was leaving tomorrow morning. He was going to war. And I had no idea whether he would be coming back or not. It was officially my worst nightmare. So he held me as I rolled up into him.

I knew that although he would miss me, and that he would always love me, that he wanted to fight for his country. And I had no problem with that, just the leaving me part was tough. But I supported him.

But I would miss him nothing less. And all too soon the night faded and the sun rose. We unwillingly climbed out of the bed; he went to change as I sat on the bed with my head in my hands. I did not bother checking what I looked like, because after he left I would only be worse.

I walked him to the front door, staring at the back of his uniform. Before I had a chance to say anything my face was in his hands and he kissed me passionately on the lips and whispered ‘I love you’. My tears mixed with the kisses making it more bitter sweet if that was possible. At this point though, everything was bitter sweet.

When he finally pulled away, I just stood in his arms. “I love you Andy, I always will. I’ll be back in 8 months. At the most a year.” He didn’t bother to mention what would happen if he didn’t come back.

“I love you too, Dante. Please try to come back. Please.” I whispered. “I’ll miss you. So, so much.” I hugged him tightly once more before letting go.

“Bye Andy, I love you.” Dante said again before walking out the door to but not before looking back.

“Love you.” I whispered but he could no longer hear me. I watched as he disappeared around the bend, and I collapsed on the ground. I clutched Duke – my dog – hoping he would ease the pain. I walked tiredly back to the bedroom, and fell on the bell my tears now staining the pillow Dante slept on.

I cried almost every night. But month’s passes, I went to work, I cooked and I cleaned. I did everything I could to distract myself. In November though, the 9th month he’d be gone. I got a phone call from Dante, saying he would be home. After that I answered every door like my life depended on it. Only to be disappointed.

About a month later a week before Christmas, I ran to the door, hoping to see Dante, standing in the falling snow. But it wasn’t Dante, it was one of his best friends from the Marines.

He had a grim look and the smile fell from my face. “Danny? What are you doing here, where’s Dante?” I asked scared of the answer.

Danny looked nervous and heart broke. “I’m so, so sorry Andy. I’m so sorry, that I have to do this to you.” He stuttered.

“N…no.” My resolve started to fade.

“Dante was shot and killed about a month ago. I was there, I held his hand as he died. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But this is second.” Danny finally blurted out.

“Bu…but he just called a month ago. How can he be dead? No! Please, tell me he’s still alive. Danny…please.” I cried, tears pouring from my eyes.

“He was killed about a day after he called you. I’m so sorry Andy. I wish I could have done more. He told me to tell you he loves you, and he’s sorry for leaving you.” Danny told me. I sat down on the cold snow laced step. But I felt nothing, nothing but my heart breaking.

As I sobbed I couldn’t breathe anymore, it was like my air supply was cut off. Dante was my air, he was my water, and he was my everything. And now he was gone. What was I supposed to do?

(A month later)

Dante shouldn’t be gone, but he was. I shouldn’t be able to go on, but I did. But I felt as though I had trouble breathing sometimes. When Dante left, he took a very important part of me with him.

(Alternate Ending: You chose)

About a month later, a week before Christmas, I ran to the door, hoping that Dante would be home for Christmas. I opened the door to sunlight but no shadow, no person anywhere. I was confused but slipped on my jacket and boots before walking outside. My feet crunched the snow, as I noticed a truck in the driveway. It was Dante’s truck. But I looked around and saw no one, not even a footprint only my own. I was becoming more disappointed and was about to head inside.

When strong familiar arms grabbed me by the waist and warm lips met my neck. They kissed softly up to me ear.


“How’s it going shortie? Told you I’d be back didn’t I?” He whispered, before turning me around and kissing me on the lips.

“Yeah you did, but try not to leave me again. Okay?” I said tears already falling.

“Andy I’ll never leave unless you want me gone. But until that day comes, which I hope it doesn’t, I’m home. For good.” He whispered.

“I will never ask you to leave, I’ll only ask you to stay.” I whispered back, before he lifted me up and kissed me once more before carrying me inside. He set his bags down but not me.

“Are you planning on letting me down?” I asked.

“Not in a million years.”

“Good, ‘cause I don’t want you too

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