October 27, 2011
By Morgenm BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
Morgenm BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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Sixteen years. Sixteen years living in Dover, Delaware, and suddenly, everything changed. I left behind the life I knew, and moved to Denver, Colorado. Today’s my first day of junior year, and I don’t expect anyone to care, or even acknowledge my existence. Breezing through the day being the slightly odd outcast that sums up my personality, something great happened. Unexpectedly, I noticed her walking through the hallway. She took my breath away. She had dark brown hair that flowed like a waterfall down her back. With piercing green eyes, they looked like a beautiful grassy meadow. Feeling like I just sprinted five miles, sweaty and breathless, I stared open-mouthed at her while she walked by. Great, I thought, she probably thinks I’m a freak. Giving up all hope, I continued through my day.
At lunch, I sat alone. Eating my carrots, I found a small iota of hope. The mystery girl, my mystery girl, walked towards me. Could it be? I thought to myself. Sudden nervousness came over me, but then I realized my thoughts happened to be too good to be true. She walked right past me, to the next table over. Not about to go and explore that unknown territory, four girls inhabited the table. However, one good thing did come from my selection of where to sit that day-I heard everything the girls said. Her voice sounded like that of an angels. I found out that she goes by the name Athena, she had just become a junior, like myself, she loved Mike and Ikes, and most importantly, she didn’t have a boyfriend. A tiny glimmer of hope made me come to the decision to pursue Athena. It might be difficult, very difficult, but I view it to be a cause worthy of my attention.
My first opportunity to impress her arose the next day. It went ever so swimmingly if I do say so myself. I stood at the door, eating Mike and Ikes I had just purchased the day before (solely for the purpose of this plan) and she strolled by. Quickly, and very impulsively, I sprung at the door and yanked it open for her, like the gentleman I strive each day to be. Unfortunately, my shoe lace got caught in the door, and I smacked into the ground face first. So much for chivalry. Embarrassed, but to my surprise, she giggled, and actually spoke to me! “Thank you for getting the door, and for making my day,” Athena said between giggles. She grabbed my hand and helped me up. Her hands softness was that of a bunny’s, and her wrists enveloped with so many bracelets, they didn’t seem to even exist. For the rest of the lunch period, we ate Mike and Ikes and had one of the most in depth conversations I’d ever had. Opinionated, but still so open-minded, she fascinated me. Soon enough, we became inseparable.
Now here I am. Two months passed by since the day I first met her, and I finally made the decision that today marks the day that I tell Athena my feelings. Athena and Cameron, that sounds cute, right? The bell just rang, annoyingly, and now I will walk to our typical meeting spot. My hearts pounding, butterflies are filling my stomach. Nauseous, I walk up to Athena and give her our ritual hello-hug. “Hey! Where do you wanna eat today?” Athena babbled as we started walking. Not able to think of a way to put how I felt into words, and ignoring her question completely, I grabbed her hand. She turned and looked at me, clueless, and I stared into her flawless face.
“Athena,” I choked out, squeezing her hand, “I fell for you the day I met you.” She laughed at me saying that, and it confused me. Soon, after catching her breath, Athena joked, “yeah, literally!” Puzzled at this point as to what made her laugh so hard, I questioned, “what do you me-oh. Wow, okay, terrible word choice.” Standing there, humiliated, turning as red as a tomato, Athena kissed me. I wrapped my arms around her waist, and pulled her closer to me. This kiss can not be described. The kind of kiss filled with so much passion, it never really comes to an end. The kind of kiss that you see in movies, the kiss people fall in love with. This kiss makes people think “wow, do I wish I could go through my life and have at least one kiss like that.” Perfection, put into a kiss.
When the kiss ended, I saw the world in a new light. In that moment, I took on the role of the happiest guy on the planet, and with Athena by my side, I always will be.

The author's comments:
I hope people will be inspired from this piece. I hope the inspiration has their mind running wild, and maybe to even pursue their Athena. Take chances, because even if you think it turns out terribly, it may be spectacular. Don't worry, everything happens according to fate, and things will indeed fall into place.

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