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November 3, 2011
By VannaJo BRONZE, Hemet, California
VannaJo BRONZE, Hemet, California
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"Today you are you. That is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you." ~Dr. Seuss

Once upon a time, there lived a prince and a princess. They lived very far away from each other in two completely different kingdoms. The prince was named Landon and he lived in Atascalero. Atascalero was an exciting and fun city and the prince fit in perfectly. The townspeople adored him, he was a stud and slayed every dragon in the land. He was very handsome, his eyes were big and bright brown, and his smile could make someone’s heart melt. Landon had muscles like a god; he was by far the most athletic male to ever walk the planet. He didn’t only have good looks; he was also very sweet and caring towards everyone. Every girl in the kingdom longed for the prince’s heart, but he wasn’t interested. His heart was set on a princess that lived far away; he just hadn’t met her yet.

Princess Alaina lived very far away from Atascalero. She lived in the small, boring city of Nemet. She didn’t belong there and everyone knew it. Alaina was a little too much for her city. She was very cheery and outgoing, the exact opposite of Nemet. She was beautiful inside and out, with breathtaking deep brown eyes and a sweet, fun-loving personality. She had such a caring heart and was always trying to make things better. The boys that lived there were no good. They were ignorant jerks and Alaina deserved much better. The princess loved her city but deep down she knew the grass was greener on the other side. The people from Nemet treated her like an outcast, like she was never even supposed to be there. Her heart longed to run away to find where she really belonged, to find a prince. She swore one day she would.

On the day of her 16th birthday, Alaina woke up at exactly 3:23 in the morning. It was a Monday, the princess hated Mondays. She had a sick feeling deep in her stomach and thought, today is the day. The groggy princess stumbled out of bed and packed all her things in the dark. Without saying goodbye to anyone, she walked up to the giant gates of Nemet. Putting her hand on the bronze, rusted gate, she paused, wondering if she should turn around to take one last look at her heartless city. She pushed the gate open and walked out into the cold, foggy morning. Alaina had never been outside the walls of Nemet, she had no idea what the world was like outside of her sad, little town. But that didn’t stop her, she was ecstatic to see the world.

It was 7:12 a.m. in Atascalero and Prince Landon was going on his usual Tuesday morning adventure in the forest behind the castle. It was a gorgeous morning, the air was cold but the sun was bright and it was giving off the perfect amount of warmth. Landon was bored because he couldn’t find an adventure, so he went a little further into the forest then he usually did. Everything was very quiet and still, but farther in the bushes Landon could hear something that sounded like a bear snoring. As he got closer he could see the outline of a body underneath a pile of thick quilts. He grabbed a long stick from the forest floor and started to poke the blankets. As they started to squirm, he jumped back and drew his sword, ready to battle whatever was underneath. But what he was expecting to be an ugly beast, was a flawless creature. She was the most beautiful lady he had ever seen. She pulled off the blankets, stretched her arms out and let out a yawn that seemed to never end. She turned her head and noticed the prince standing there, still in his battle stance with a puzzled look on his face. She jumped up; still wearing the clothes she had on the day before, the day she ran away from her home. They took one look at each other and something inside both their hearts felt completed. Their long search was over, he had found his true love and she found where she was supposed to be. He was her prince and she was his princess, and they lived happily ever after.

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