love complication

November 3, 2011
By abrouche SILVER, Zaghouan, Other
abrouche SILVER, Zaghouan, Other
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can teenagers fall in love? a lot of people answers ''no''!! why is it because we're too young that means we can't love !! we doesn't know how to love!!but love does not have a perfect age and a perfect timing we can not control our feelings and emotions. sometimes we see things differently, we imagine things that does not exist, we think that we fell in love till one day we realize that we were faking happiness and we have never knew what love means. it is the day we feel something about someone else, someone not the one we thought we loved it, is the day our hearts beats for another,it is not cheating or betrayal, it is simply falling in love. a lot of people will disagree but why? because if we truly loved the first that we are with we'll never feel anything for another it is that simple, love makes us faithful, makes us care and do great things for our lover, so if you feel that you're getting other feelings you need to realize that you do not love him ( her ). teenagers are mostly passed by this fact because each teen thinks that he ( her) finds true love but suddenly he realises that love still away. but the hardest thing in this love complication is the choice we'll make when we realize this fact will you leave your partner t find true love and broke his ( her ) hearty or will you accept and try to live with it and keep faking happiness!!? will you choose to live in reality or to keep lying and hiding the truth of your feelings?! will you tell your lover the real emotions that you have or will you feel it silently!!! ....

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