Love At His Sight

October 17, 2011
By Kemmelovesyou BRONZE, Spring Valley, New York
Kemmelovesyou BRONZE, Spring Valley, New York
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Her eyes, that’s what he said he loved the most about her. That her eyes captured him in ways he didn’t understand. He said it was the ways her eyes lit up, like it was having paparazzi following him but he liked it because it was her. The girl he would always love.
She was perfect in his eyes. Beautiful, intelligent, fun, videogame lover, dog lover, poetic type, true romantic. That’s how he described her. She has full lips, long hair, long legs, thick thighs, round bottom and a nice chest.
He wanted her from the first day he met her and their eyes met after he knocked down her books in the hallway on the third day of school.
“No matter what I did for three months she hated me. I think it’s on account that I never really apologized for hitting her.” He says. “The next year we had three periods together, AP Global, AP Living Environment and AP English.” He explains to me in with such enthusiasm.
“We talked more and more and after 4 months of begging she gave me a chance.”
On their first date he took her roller-skating because he knew how much she loved it. She had talked about going again sometime after all her AP exams were done...
He said he thought to himself as he drove to her house "Don't be stupid. Don't lose her for good."
When he got her their date was just as bumpy as their first encounter.
"We didn't talk on the ride there. They didn' have her size for bowling shoes so we had to go to the movies. I was too afraid to put my arm around her and most of all after all that she told me that we'd stay out extra late for our real date. I think from that point on I knew she liked me too."
As slow as he was he got that hint took her to the diner just up the street from the theater and they had a blast sharing a milkshake and having cheeseburgers.
"The End, for now."
"But, daddy you never told me if they ended up together forever!" I responded.
"Well, go ask your mother. We've been on that first date for 15 years now and it all started because I looked at her and fell in love in that instant."

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