The Story Of The Leaf

October 19, 2011
By Live.Life.Fast PLATINUM, Bragg Creek, Other
Live.Life.Fast PLATINUM, Bragg Creek, Other
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This isn’t a love story. Its not even a story about love.

No, this is a story about a leaf and how she fell of her tree and blew in the wind. See this leaf started out as a little bud, on a big tree, in a beautiful valley. The leaf expanded from a bud into it’s full form under the watchful eyes of a shy sun. As the leaf grew, so did the sun and it became a beautiful ball of fire, giving delight to all the trees, and leaves in the valley. As the sun increased in warmth, the leaf increased in color from a light green to a full and vibrant one. This leaf had some rips in it but all in all she was a very lovely leaf. Autumn cooled the air and the leaf started to shine yellow and red in the lowering sun.

A gusty breeze came along one day and serenaded the leaf, coaxing it off her familiar twig and into an unknown world. At first the leaf was astounded by everything the breeze showed it. It zoomed her out of the valley and over hill tops. The leaf hardly noticed her edges being worn out by the constant feel of the breeze. She saw animals of all sorts and smelt smells of all kind. Though the leaf saw all these amazing things, she failed to see how the ground below her was carpeted with leaves like her. She may have missed this because unlike her, they were not a brilliant red edged with gold like her, but more of a brownish-yellow. The wind’s voice was beautiful and he sung to her at night and whispered compliments to her all day as he showed her the world. His touch was soft though the leaf noticed that as time went by it became harder and more rushed. His whispers some nights turned into screams and howls as she was whipped along dark roads.

One night he was pulling her so fast that she struck the window of a car, illuminated in the headlights she finally saw what the wind was doing all around her. Animals hid under trees, people fought for their scarves and she even saw the wind rip a beautiful, crimson kite out of a child’s hands. Bruised from the windshield she tried to cry out to the wind to slow down, to return the kite, to stop fighting for woman’s scarves and to end all this because this wasn’t like the wind. The wind ignored the leaf and instead tore a hole in the centre of the leaf. She cried again, this time in pain, but the wind’s howls drowned out her croaked screams. Finally the wind noticed her, he asked her if she wanted him to stop. Whispering through her tears she managed to say yes. So the wind obeyed her. He let go of her hand and let her drop. He waited and watched as she fluttered to the ground, no longer caught up in the rush he created.

She fell and landed between two soft leather boots. Without the wind she realized, she was nothing. A gloved hand reached down and picked her up. The leaf was face to face with a girl. The girls deep brown eyes glimmered with tears and the leaf followed her gaze to a figure of a boy walking away. The girl wiped her tears and put the leaf in her pocket for some much needed company. Together, left alone, they began to make the long journey back home.

I told you this wasn’t a love story, or even a story about love. It was a story about a leaf that got mislead and broken by the wind.

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