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October 9, 2011
The warm fire raged on before us, its orange flames licking and blazing the cage in front of it. That warmth didn’t compare one bit to the warmth I was feeling pressed up against my other half, Noah. This type of warmness was way different than any summer day or burning fire. This was safety, closeness, passion; this was love. Noah and I sat there on the soft couch made for two as close as two people could get. We knew that our parents would never approve of such behavior, but didn't care,we couldn’t help ourselves.

“Sophie”, Noah speaks up “I love you so much and nothing could ever stop that”

“I love you so much too” I responded then laid my head down on my boyfriend’s beating chest. As I listened to his heart beat I smiled and closed my eyes finally feeling at peace after a long week.

After about two minutes I heard somebody walk into the room Noah and I are in. I pray that it’s not my parents and that they didn’t see us sitting like this. They would ground me forever since they don’t understand the emotions that I’m actually feeling due to the fact that I am only 14. They think that since I am 14 I don’t fully understand what love is, but I do and I know that I have fallen completely in love. I want to be around Noah every second of the day, but my parents don’t understand that. They think that he is taking us too much of my time and I should be focusing on my friends and school and not some boy. The thing is, whenever I am around Noah I forget about all those things and my mind only allows me to focus on him and how badly I want him.

I hear the door creak open a little more and I snap up from my position and start a quick conversation with my boyfriend about fruit so my parents don’t seem so suspicious.

“So, how are you guys holdin’ up down here?” I hear my overprotective dad say.

“Uhh, Dad we’re fine.”

“Okay then, Holler if you need anything.” He winks then closes the wooden door and walks away.

“Phew. That was a close one” Noah whispers in my ear.

“Yea, I know. Too close” I say and go back into my position and relax once more.

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