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October 6, 2011
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He was just another guy. At least I thought so.

Justin Moore had been in every single one of my classes since first grade. Every single class, even my home economics class that was full of girls and cooking. But he probably was only in the class to get girls. Just like any other teenage boy would be.
I guess we were friends, sometimes. We exchanged the occasional text, a friendly smile walking down the hall and on a rare occasion we would sit together at lunch or on the bus home.
He was cute, for him being Justin. He had short blond hair, light brown eyes and compared to me, he was the hulk. Once you got past the fact that he was on the cross country team, the football team and was a bass player (Bass. I happened to have a thing for bass players, until I learned that Justin was one), he was a nice guy. He had good grades, he was honest about everything and he wasn't a player. Which is rare among high school guys.
The part of this whole thing that I did not get, was that he liked me. He had told me I was pretty, ate lunch with me when I had no friends, danced with me when I went to homecoming alone and was my first kiss. He out of all people in the metropolitan area, Justin Davis Moore was my first kiss.
And to be honest, I liked it. I really liked kissing him. I liked so much that I did it again, a few times actually. Not on purpose though. At least the first time wasn't.
But I cant have a boyfriend, I cant even think about having a boyfriend. With my studies, scholarship applications, sports and volunteer work, I don't have the time.
Even though Justin is smoking hot and amazing, I made a no boyfriend until 4.0 is a achieved pact. But I achieved it last month. And he is just SO HOT.

But he liked me, I liked him and we would make the perfect couple. And we do. We always will.

Even though I thought he was a jerk at first.

Now hes my jerk.

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Choc0lateFl0wer said...
Oct. 15, 2011 at 9:43 am
too true- enough said. love it!!!
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