October 5, 2011
By d_infinitely_t SILVER, San Jose, California
d_infinitely_t SILVER, San Jose, California
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“If there is one thing in life that I have learned about life it is... it goes on.” -Robert Frost

Left. Right. Up. Down. I need to go somewhere. I have to do something with my life. I need something. Anything. Everything. Just because Tristan’s gone now doesn’t mean I can’t live. He would be disappointed if he knew that I was even considering this option. His option. Or would he be happy? Maybe he would be happy. He always did tell me that we would last forever. Me and him. Us against the world. Forever. I looked down at the few letters I had in my hand. His letters. That’s all I had left. Letters. Messages. Memories. If I did it, I would get to be with him again. It would be us. Just like before. It shouldn’t be that hard to decide. I knew what I wanted, right? We could be like Romeo and Juliet. Tristan always did like that story. I remember the night before; we were sitting on this very same spot on the cliff, looking down at the water below. I remember his little whispers in my ear. His lips brushing against it, giving me shivers down my spine.

“What if I disappeared one day,” he whispered, “would you miss me?” I looked into his eyes. Those beautiful brown eyes that seemed like they could go on forever.

And I whispered, “Yes, I would miss you every day until I had you in my arms again. I would miss you.” He smiled, that cute little half smile of his that always gave me butterflies in my stomach.

“What would you do?” He asked me, his fingers running softly up and down my arm until I got goose bumps. I drew closer to him.

“I would come after you,” I answered, without hesitation.

“Would you really?” he whispered, softer this time. Then I turned and looked at him. I really looked at him. My fingers drifted upwards towards his face, softly tracing his features, memorizing them with my touch. His eyebrows. The way his eyes were shaped oh so perfectly. How his eyelashes seemed to flutter in the wind. The bridge of his nose. His little lopsided smile. And as my fingers slid closer and closer to his heart, I could feel the rapid beating of it. My fingers rested on it and I stared into his eyes, mesmerized by his beauty.

“Yes,” I whispered back, my lips getting closer and closer until it met his. It was a perfect kiss. Simple, but perfect. And I smiled, for in that moment, we were infinite. I loved him. I still love him.

I looked down at the letters in my hand. They were all I had left of him now. I leaned over the cliff, watching the dark waves hit the rocks below. I listened to sounds of the waves; they seemed to be calling me. Like a soft little lullaby. Could I do it? My mind flashed, once again to Tristan. Could I do this? I clenched his letters in my hand. The waves seemed to blend together as I looked down. My mind whirled.

“Tristan,” I whispered, “I’m coming.”

Then, I closed my eyes, and jumped.

The author's comments:
And I smiled, for in that moment, we were infinite.

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