"till death do us part

September 11, 2011
By Neveah BRONZE, Hampton, Georgia
Neveah BRONZE, Hampton, Georgia
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~he who angers you controls you ~
~the only cure is surrender~

I swore to myself I would never come back. Yet here I stand like an idiot in the middle of the road crying my eyes out.This place holds memories I don't want to remember. i thought i was finally getting over it, yet here i am once again. I start to walk away but I go nowhere because there's somebody holding onto my legs. Even though i couldn't see his face i knew it was him. Only one person can send that type of tingling feelings down my spine. Josiah. I squint my eyes to see in the dark hoping I would find those beautiful eyes I loved so much. His eyes were not beautiful and caring . They were demanding and scared. I wanted him to get up so I could comfort him and tell him everything was going to be okay. Just like he did to me when we were small and we would here shooting outside of our house. I wanted to hold him in my arms just to feel the hardness and the warmth of his chest. I yearned for him. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I finally noticed the blood coming from the side of his face.I knew what was going to happen next as I had had this dream many times and I had experienced it in real life. I dropped to my knees and cupped his face in my hands as I screamed for help. But nobody came.

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