That Tree.

September 11, 2011
By LetUsBurn BRONZE, Spring Brook, Pennsylvania
LetUsBurn BRONZE, Spring Brook, Pennsylvania
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I get the point that I should leave you alone but we both know that I'm not that strong.

"Come outside, now." the text read. I took a deep breath.
I hit the enter button and I watched the icon swirl on my phone's screen until it confirmed it was sent. My legs were shaking.
"He has no idea where I am, does he?" I thought to myself. I felt my face burn as I heard his door open and close. I heard his footsteps on the grass getting closer. "Maybe he does.." I thought.
I got up, and brushed the grass from my clothes. He stopped a few steps in front of me, "What?" he asked in a harsh tone and stared at me with cold eyes, unlike the friendly, warm ones I knew. "Well, hi to you too." I said joking around. He stared at me for a few agonizing seconds then turned around and began to walk away.
"Not how I wanted this to go." I thought. I ran to get in front of him, "No, stop." I begged to him. "Then tell me, what do you want from me?" he asked and looked up to the darkening sky. "To talk." I replied and took a daring step closer to him.
"Then talk, Hannah." he said and stepped back. "Not here..." I mumbled. "Then where?" he asked and pulled his phone out and smiled at the screen. "New girlfriend?" I asked, trying to hide my pain because I already knew his reply.
"You got it." he smirked at me.
"Well," I clapped my hands together in front of my chest, "sorry for interrupting you, ah, I'll be going now. Don't follow me, don't talk to me. Bye." I felt a tear roll down my face as I stomped down the street. I didn't hear him come after me, my phone never vibrated.
I let the tears run down my face, ten minutes later I was still crying as I saw my destination.
The tree. “I used to love this place, to just sit and be with him. We never even had to talk, we just had a connection that was deeper than I've ever felt before.” I thought to myself. I felt my chin began to tremble as I saw a new couple sitting below the tree.
“That looks an awful lot like.. Oh my gosh,” I thought, “that's him and Katelyn.”
I heard her cry out, “WHY?” She slapped him and his head went with her hand and turned towards me. Katelyn was in such a shock she didn't even see me as she ran off to her house down the road crying hysterically.
He never took his eyes off of me as I approached him.
“Let's talk?” he asked and had a begging look in his eyes. “Sure.” I replied.
“I love you.” he said trying to wrap his arms around my waist. “No,” I stepped back, “you don't. You never did, you never will.” His voice cracked when he spoke, “You're the only one I want.”
I raised my eyebrows and looked over towards Katelyn's house, “Not her.” he said to me softly.
“Not now, not anymore.” I replied.
“I LOVE HANNAH MARY CARPENTER WITH ALL OF MY HEART AND SOUL,” he screamed which made me jump, I never heard him scream before, “forever.” he looked into my eyes as he said this, “and I want the whole world to know.”
“Stop it. This isn't a movie or a story. This is LIFE.” I said to him and stepped closer as I screamed the last part at him.
“I want you to be mine, forever Hannah, you and me. Nobody else.” he stepped closer. “I'm so mad at him,” I thought, “but that was the sweetest and simplest thing anyone has ever done for me.”
He slowly reached up to my chin and I started to cry, “ Don't Hannah, not now.” he whispered as he tilted my head up and kissed me.

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