September 12, 2011
By BiabuTyke PLATINUM, Broomfield, Colorado
BiabuTyke PLATINUM, Broomfield, Colorado
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I cry and cry, for what day will I die? Now I am learning that I'm actually burning... burning for the one thing that was taken from me; love. I guess I'm just being a silly nilly when it comes to that, but I felt it, I know I did and that you did too... So I ask you why did you leave me with my heart ripped out? With my soul that was afloat on a great roaring fire of passionate love... but why then drench it with your words of hurt? Now I'm lonely sitting in my room knowing that you have my heart locked up somewhere with you... Could I
possibly get it back? Just so I can move on without the pain? Cos baby boy my heart isn't a toy; it's a precious thing to help my soul sing. Although it will never be whole again I can find somebody to mend it with me and start a new ending... But why do I find it so hard to let you go? Oh! I know, you're still clinging to my heart for dear life because you are scared of letting go. Honestly boy don't be slow; I can't keep going on like this and coming back to you when you pull the puppet string. The puppeteer as we all know preforms the show... But really why make it so sad and down, that just makes me want to gag and frown. Please let my heart go for we all know that it's over and you declared it; but don't know that what you're doing is hurting me every bit by bit. You put on a smile and think that, that could let you go on for another mile... a good slap you deserve for that kind of unwanted nerve. You think you're all cute and cuddley, honestly it's not that funny. Let go! Let go! My soul cries for without my heart it dies; when you pull on the string for the show I shall never let you know that it burdens me and weighs me down... For you are the reason for the tears on my pillow at night when I cry myself to sleep in hoping you'd just let me know when you are to let go. The least I could ask of you is to release my heart and let me move on and no longer be a prisoner. I hate you now and whatever your deeds, for now my soul has demanded and decreed that you aren't the one for me. Now if you could only do as my soul says I will be free for all to see. Finally you have released my heart and I am running away to find a safer place to stay. No longer in your arms do I find the comfort that I need, it is what is outside of my heart freed; happiness at last the key to my heart is back where it belongs and I won't be giving it anytime soon, back to you so forget it and leave me to rest here in peace while my tears die so I will never cry again. No longer am I learning that I'm burning; no instead my music is playing for no one but me to hear loud and challenging. As I part my way I turn back to say,"Thank you for the lesson you taught me, and that is never to give the key to my heart that makes my soul sing until I hear the absolute words with a precise ring." Those three simple words never once crossed your mind, that makes you blind; so here they are loud and clear for all to hear that you never knew what hit you until it left which is love... "I Love You" was all you had to do to convince me still no? Okay then I turn around again and will never look back on you or anyone else who helped you, the only thing I will ever see is the future he&me together forever in love, without you interrupting anything. For when I cry and cry I no longer wish to know the day that I die; for I have wrapped the key with my soul carefully back around and locked in my heart unti he comes around for me... For I am no longer burning with the sensation of learning of a lost love... it is until I truely give all for me to love...

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on Sep. 14 2011 at 5:09 pm
Rocinante SILVER, Wexford, Pennsylvania
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This sounds like song material...very emotional

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