A troubled but not allowed romance

August 11, 2011
By stobak BRONZE, Kilgore, Texas
stobak BRONZE, Kilgore, Texas
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The wind outside was bitter and hot. I coughed as sand went down my throat. But the sore throat I knew I was going to have later was nothing. I had to kill him. The one guy that made me want to dash in there and stake so bad right now I could taste it. I had to clench my teeth from yelling for him. I stood in front of a bar in the desert of Las Vegas hundreds of miles away from the academy. I pulled down my sunglasses over my eye's and pulled the Hood up. As I walked in the bar heads turned. I nodded and they all turned away. That's when I saw him. Daniel Cast sat at one of the tables drinking what everyone else thought was a random mixed drink. I can tell you right now that was not a nice, cool bloody Mary, maybe the blood of a girl named Mary. He looked the same as ever, black tousled hair, pale as a sheet and handsome. I waited in the shadows for him but when I saw that smile on his face that said, 'I know you're there' I stomped my foot and got in my ready position for attack. Daniel stood and threw the drink in his hand at me, it crashed against the wall I was against a few feet from me. I gasped and threw a stake which he caught and laughed.
"Really?" I whispered and pulled out my one of many backups. He dodged it. I stepped out then, pulling the hood off.
"Isabelle! How great to see you again, what has it been? Eight months?" Daniel sarcastic thick voice made me curse under my breath.
"Ten, actually." I said. His smile made me bite my tongue from saying something that I knew not even myself would approve of and there was alot of things I wanted to say.
"Ah, long time... Well not to me." He said. I laughed this time stabbing him in the shoulder with a wooden knife. He gasped in pain and sunk to his knees. I knew he would soon recover in a matter of seconds but seeing him in pain for those seconds was worth it. Daniel stood and grabbed me by the shoulders slamming me into the table, arms pinned behind my back in his iron grasp.
"I should break both of your arm's but I'm going to spare you. Goodbye Isabelle." Daniel whispered in my ear, his chest pressed to my back. I felt his hand's release me. When I turned around he was gone and many were staring at me and some at the door in shock. Probably wondering how a teenage boy had moved that fast. Daniel Cast always got away. I met him when I was on my first mission for Vampire Hunting Academy at age eleven. He was the same age as I was when I tracked him down in New York. He was exactly as he is now. Sarcastic and knowing the game. I have been hunting him down for seven years, and I'm now seventeen, so a long time. I sat down in a chair letting out a exhausted sigh. A man in leather walked up to me, he looked around twenty-five.
"Do you need a ride honey?" He asked. I smiled and shook my head pulling my IPhone out of my back pocket dialing my mothers number.
"Mom?... Yeah, he got away... I'm ready... Send Marshall." I spoke to my mother, she was a little disappointed. My mother, Cassey, was a professor at the academy and she always kept a close eye on me. I sighed and stepped outside waiting for our driver. The black limo pulled up and out stepped Marshall. He looked like a bodyguard with his shaved head and suit. I smiled as he opened the door.
"Did we lose him again?" Marshall asked in his English accent. I sighed and nodded.
"Yes. We lost him again." He closed the door and I leaned back against he seat as we drove to the airport.

California air in my face was like a cool glass of water. LAX was crowded as always but I loved it. The sun kissed my skin as I stepped outside; it felt like a warm towel on your face. Marshall smiled and opened the door for me. The drive to the academy was not long since it was near the ocean, I could already see it. It was a huge Victorian mansion painted black and blue. I felt joy soar through me as I ran inside, right into someone. Daniel stood right there in front of me with a shocked expression.
"Isabelle," His voice sounded weird, like he was hiding something. "What are you doing here?" Now he was back. I snorted and pushed past him.
"I should be asking you the same thing!" I yelled as I pulled out my stake. My voice was calm and I was proud. Daniel opened his mouth to speak then he closed it raising his hands in surrender.
"Why are you here?" I asked in my normal tone. He smirked putting his hands down and looked at me like I was stupid.
"None of your business." With that Daniel walked away through the double wooden doors to the dining hall I stomped my foot and tugged at my hair. Behind me a hand on my back startled me. My mother pulled me in to hug.
"He showed up this morning, we thought you were with him but he explained. I was scared that he might be coming to deliver your body." My mother shuddered and hugged me tighter. I nodded and pressed my hand on her cheek.
"Trust me, he could never take me down." I said walking to the dining hall. The first face I saw was Katie York, her fake tan and hair that was beach blond, her voice was high. Her clones surrounded her. They all together were like Malibu barbie and friends.
"Did you see that boy! He is so hot! I call dibs!" She said. I laughed under my breath but she saw as I covered my mouth with the back of my hand. Oh, great. Katie pushed pass her clones to stand in front of me. I smirked.
"What are you laughing at Foster?" Her voice was like the voice of a major snob. I looked in her crystal blue eye's.
"You," I said. Katie's face turned red and I laughed again. "Dibs on Daniel?" I asked. She grinned.
"Just because you have been hunting him down for seven years doesn't mean he is yours." She said. My eyes widened, he was not mine. I looked around the room for him finding him at my table. I let out a angry breath. Of course he would go to mine just to mess with me.
"Yeah, Katie he is all yours. Have fun with him." I said. Katie smiled and walked away. I sat down at my table looking at Daniel with a harsh glare. He shrugged reaching for a apple out of the fruit bowl biting into it, juice trickling down his chin. He wiped it away with the back of his hand.
"You know that Katie York has 'dibs' on you. Really, what does she see in you?" I asked. My voice dripping with acid. Daniel grinned.
"Hm. I'm hot. And she wants me, that's all I know. But I could just use her for a while then give you a turn. Since you're so jealous..." I felt my face heat up and I reached for a banana throwing it at him.
"No!" I practically yelled. Daniel looked like he was about to burst from laughter. I stood up and he did, too. The dining hall became silent. I jumped on the table in front of him, jumping right on him. Daniel and I landed on the floor. At first we just stared as each other in shock but then Daniel pushed me into the wall. I didn't cry out as I hit the vase in the corner, instead I stood up and ran towards him. He caught me lifting me a few feet off the ground, stopping me. We were super close, I felt his heartbeat through his shirt. I really didn't see why we had to be this close... But for a minute I struggled.
"Why stop now Cast?" I spat in his face. Daniel laughed and set me down. I was sort of angry, it was getting good. Katie was at Daniel's side looking up at him with puppy eyes. Are you kidding me?
"Daniel? Are you okay?" Her voice was like honey, no hint of snob. I snorted and stood, turning my back on my two enemies. I needed a bubble bath.

The water was warm with foamy bubbles floating up to my neck. I sighed and lay-ed my head against the bathtub. A sound came from my room as if someone was coming in. I wanted to jump out and confront them but the towel cabinet was halfway across the bathroom. I also wanted to yell for my roommate but she was in the library. The doorknob twisted and Daniel stepped in humming.
"What the h*ll are you doing in my room?" I screamed. Daniel spun around to the sound of my voice. I covered my chest, my face burning. Daniel did not seem to care.
"How come all you d*mn vampire hunters have to be so quiet? I needed to talk to you." I was surprised at how his tone was not sarcastic or rude. Okay maybe a little but that was nothing new.
"What?"I was ready for him to go so he better make it quick. Daniel sat down on the edge of the bathtub.
"Does Katie sleep around?" When I heard that question come from his lips I groaned. Why would he ask me this, I mean I'm no he only girl here.
"Yeah, probably. Now if you will-" Daniel cut me off.
"Thanks." He said leaving me. I sighed and let my hand reach for the towel I saw sitting on the edge of the tub. Daniel must of got it. Sometimes the boy was a angel. I wrapped the towel around me getting dressed curling up with a novel. My roommate and best friend Lena walked in with a stack of books.
"Hey, could you help me?" Lena asked. I nodded and took some books out of her overloaded arms. Most were on vampire history, probably for next weeks test in History. I laughed as I picked up the smallest of all the huge books.
"Dracula?" I asked holding the book out in front of me. Lena grinned a little. She looked like a freaking supermodel, her blond hair pulled back showing off her face. More than that b**** Katie York.
"It's a classic!" Lena snatched it back. I laughed sitting the books on her desk. But one caught my eye. History of Vampire Imprinting.
"Hey can I borrow this?" I asked as Lena was starting her home work. She looked at the book and grinned, raising her eyebrows.
"Yeah." I smiled and lay-ed down in my bed opening the book to the first page. My eye's scanned the first thirty pages, I needed an expert.
"Lena, do you know alot about vampires imprinting on a human?" I asked her. She sat her laptop aside turning towards me.
"Yes. Okay, when a vampire imprints on someone, that someone is the only person they see. That person is their universe. The vampire imprinting is like falling in love." Lena explained. " They can't function right until that person is theirs, or dead. I knew a girl who had a vampire imprint on her, yeah her name was... Isabelle Foster, you might know her!" I threw a pillow at her and she dodged it letting her hand reach behind her and grab it smoothly. Daniel was not imprinted on me. Or was he?
"Do you really think he might be imprinted on me?" I asked her, my voice dropped to a soft, low tone. Lena shook her head and got in her serious mode.
"No. He's a player, he has no time for love. But I bet you one day my someone will do him the same way." Lena's voice was like knifes slicing flesh, each word sharp as glass. I nodded and looked out my window at the approaching storm. I looked back at the book sitting on the nightstand. Daniel was not imprinted on me. Or was he?

The author's comments:
I just was bored one day and decided to write this little piece.

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