This Was Love

August 9, 2011
He gazed at me with intense, icy eyes.
Marissa...please, he begged as his voice quivered with raw, shaky desperation.
I can't. I whispered, my eyes brimming with salty, icy tears. He grabbed my wrist and forced his lips into mine. I didn't care anymore. I couldn't. I couldn't care that I was supposed to kill him. I couldn't care that he was a vampire and I a vampire hunter. His lips were smooth and cold and sent chills down my spine. And suddenly our hands were cold blurs as his fingers were everywhere. They were moving over my jaw, down my hips, over my hair. And, I couldn't get enough. This wasn't just a kiss. This was more. This was something that tickled your soul. This was when someone's heart tied itself to yours as you felt the needle pulling the thread loop by loop, getting tighter and tighter. And, I didn't mind. Because this wasn't lust or sex. This was love.

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