Finally Safe

August 5, 2011
He calls at 10 asking if he can come over. "sure", was all i could say.20 minutes later he arrives we walk out to the pool. We got out, it was to cold to swim, so we went inside. I was home alone tonight. He asked me the question that i wanted to hear since i started liking him. "Yes", He looked surprised. He left and said goodbye. It made me smile to know that he was the only person i can trust anymore. The family comes home early in the morning. They yelled at me to get up and clean the house like i was supposed to last night. That night when i was supposed to be asleep i jumped out of my window and ran. I ran till i got to his house. He let me in and i walked to his bedroom and slept the first night since i have been told too work my self through the bone. I knew finally that this is where I'm gonna stay here at peace, no matter what came at me i was safe finally

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zone7494 said...
Aug. 13, 2011 at 9:13 pm
this is a great story maybe you could read some of my stuff preferably my poem called if you would let me love you because I just submitted that
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