Pain and Love Ch.3

August 2, 2011
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I was starting to come around. I didn't want to open my eyes just yet but I could feel Dakotas firm hand in mine so I squeezed it as tight as I could manage with my weak hand. They had taken the tube out yesterday because they were sure I cold eat on my own again. They had keep me on sedatives for an extra day so that the food out of my system. I reached my hand over my body until I found Dakotas head. I ran my fingers through his soft brown hair. I felt his head fist up. I slowly opened my eyes to look at his smiling face.
" Do you know what the second hardest thing I have ever had to watch is? " he asked
" No. " I said softly as I got lost in his deep brown eyes.
" Watching your eyes close and the nurses put that damn tube down your throat. " he said smiling, obviously happy to see the tube out ad me awake.
" Oh yea? And what was the first?" I asked full of curiosity.
" Seeing you on those bleachers. The blood and the cuts. You falling off the bleachers. I was terrified. " he was serious now. My eyes filled with tears that started to roll down my cheek. He reached over and whipped them away. At that moment the doctor walked in. He wanted to keep me one more day to make sure I was okay to go home. We thanked him and he left the room. I moved over and let Dakota onto the bed with me again. We both lay on our sides, lost in each others eyes. His hand on my hip and mine on his neck, playing with his almost shoulder length hair. That day went by fast. Dakota told me how scared he had been since he saw the puddle of blood the night of the accident. I was starting to regret ever going to talk to him that night because of all the pain it had caused him. I woke up the next morning in Dakotas arms. That afternoon I walked out of the hospital hand in hand with Dakota. He was going to take me home but that wasn't were I wanted to go. I looked at him, seriousness written all over my face and asked him to take me to the bleachers. We drove in silence and as we walked up the ramp to the bleachers, my whole life came flooding back to me and I froze. Dakota turned back to me with concern. I must have caught him off guard with what I said because he had to ask again to make sure he hadn't heard me wrong.
" Beverly, 17, October 27, 1994. "
" Wait...What?? "
" Beverly Jane Smith, 17, October 27, 1994. "
Ohhhh the look on his face was priceless. He didn't know what to do next. Then out of nowhere he came at me. He came so fast that I didn't know what was happening till his lips met mine. I kissed back and when we broke apart I was frozen in place. Dakota had to kiss me again to get me to move. I followed him the rest of the way in a daze until I saw the stain that my blood had left of the old wood. I could barley look at it before I turned away , eyes full of tears. I cried into Dakotas shoulder as we walked out of the bleachers.

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