Love at First Sight

August 1, 2011
Kacey pointed me out to her. "There she is, my best friend!!" she whispered in my ear a little too loudly. "Geeeez watch it. Now where is she? I've got to see this girl you keep talking about." I whispered just as loudly if not more into her ear. She grumbled and pointed again. And that's when I saw her. "Whats her name again??" and mumbled, entranced by her suddenly. I looked away quickly, realizing i must look like an idiot. "Rosalinda, shes from England. All the way from London!!" she said louder and louder. "Shhh. so uh do you wanna introduce me to her?? I mean. Um Or you can introduce her to me...Which way seems less pushy?"I confided."Uh i guess either way?? Whats wrong with you?? Wheres Mat my best and only brother?!" she hissed.
"He's here. He's here just introduce me!" I mumbled "FINE! mmhmmhmmhMATmmmhm Just Fine!!" she declared out to the entire mall. We walked over to her and my sister decided to go with an exaggerated approach. "Heeeerrreee is my fabulous and super exciting brother of mine who loves to talk. All the time." She smiled proudly. "Uh ya so Im-" "Constantly!" she added."Ya, so how would I communicate?!?" I waved my hands around for emphasis. "So who are you?" Rosalinda said. "Oh sorry, I'm Mat. Mathew if you want I guess. Rosalind is a nice name. Do you have a nickname? I would give you the name Rose or Rosy or something angelic like that But I don't know. What do you think?" I ranted breathlessly. Rosalinda laughed. It sounded like bells...but it was off. Like someone was banging half of a bell over and over again. I put on a smile. "Um, I guess I'm just tired. You know. Cant control the ol' pie hole. Ha ha ha ha..." I said nervously. "That's quite alright i suppose. Nice to meet you Mat. I'm Rosalinda. But with your suggestions I think you can call me Rosy. Is that dandy with you?" She replied. "Uh ya. Rosy...Yes Rosy Um we'd best be off I mean we gotta go-see ya?" "Yes, see you."she stuttered. She waved and walked off, the sound of her heels resonating through the store. I watched her leave and then watched the spot I last saw her in for a while too. I had two choices. Make a move on her, or let something build up over time. I chose A. Make a move on her. "Kacey! Kacey!" She was looking through the size 2 shorts. "Ya?" she said without looking up. Apparently shorts are more important then helping brothers find soul mates. "Seriously sis, you gotta help me catch her." "Catch her?! seriously BRO, Have some respect." I thought. What if I sent her a card or letter? That would be respectful... "Thanks for you help. I'll be in Hallmark." I ran down the stairs and and took a left at Victoria Secret...paused a second in the doorway... and then ran the rest of the way to Hallmark. "I casually walked up to cashier and said "Do you by any chance have any... Romance cards? About...I don't know-love?" "Flo" looked at me for a second but then winked and whispered. "Crush huh?" I was taken aback a bit but then slowly nodded. She was good. "Ok, we've got all sorts. Love Forevers, Known You Forevers, I Only Like You For Your Blanks, and A lot of Love at First Sights. No one buys these any more..." She sighed. The mole under her nose peeled partly off like a sticker. She casually stuck it back on as if nothing happened. "So which will it be?" she said while wiping a tear. "Uhhhh Love at first sights i guess." I was unsure. She pointed towards a particularly lonely column of cards and showed me the pens near her computer. I thanked her and silently hoped no one would see me in there. They were all cheesy like "If you were a booger, I would pick you cuz you were my first." and "Do you believe in Love at first Sight? Or should I walk by again?" They were all weird so I Picked a blank card with a bunch of hearts and butterflies on the front and grabbed a pen from Flo and started writing. "I like you. Check the box that indicates how you feel. Yes{ } No{ } CREEPER!!!{ }" I signed my name at the bottom and shoved it inside the envelope. I licked the seal and wrote her name on the outside. I added a heart over the I in her name. "Perfect." I whispered. "Awwww!" Flo suddenly said from over my shoulder. "How long have you been there?!?!" I yelled surprised as ever. "Oh sorry! Its so sweet. Youll when her over for sure. But may I make one suggestion?" "Ya, I guess..." I my mind I'm thinking who the heck is this woman!?!"Ok so why don't you make it more personal! Like a heartfelt poem or something. We've got a ton stocked! Wanna take a look??" Her mole was flapping up and down when she talking. I didn't really hear what she was saying. "Ya,ya, sure." I picked one out titled When We first met.
"& when I first met you
I never would have
imagined that i would
have such strong feelings
for you
I never would have
thought that I would
have dreams about you or
miss being by your side
or get butterflies in
my stomach when someone
mentions your name
when i first met you
I never would have thought that
I would love you."
I bit my lip and nodded at this one. It was all true. except for the last bit. I wasn't sure yet about that. But it had to be said! She printed it in a new card and licked the envelope and handed it to me. "Good luck!" she winked and with a pop her mole came off into her pepsi. "Danng Nabbit! Come back here boo!" I widened my eyes and slowly walked out of the store backwards, but then ran. I suddenly ran into Kacey. "WATCH IT!" we both said in unison. We then laughed. "Hey Kace, could you do me a favor and give this to Rosy for me?" I said. "You mean Rosalinda??? Anyways, Ya, I can do that. Could you pay for my shorts? Thanks bro! They're 239 dollars and 64 cents. Thanks! Bye." She grabbed the letter and skipped off. A store manager was outside of Versace holding a pair of the most expensive shorts on Earth. I shrugged and walked away. I decided to go home and hear about what happened later. I checked my watch. Already 9:00?? WOW. That went quick. I started to leave when I heard someone scream. I looked up and saw Rosalinda holding Kacey crying and screaming. I ran up the escalators and kneeled next to her. "Kace? Kacey?!?! Kacey!! Its me your brother! Kacey!!!" "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry Mat!" Rosy whispered as i grabbed Kacey and held her. I held her close and whispered in her ear. "Its gonna be alright Kace. Someones coming to help you." Rosy grabbed my shoulders "Mat! Mat- Shes gone."

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ekaterinahansing said...
Aug. 4, 2011 at 9:37 pm
Hmmm, Intriguing. I like it! I'm adding this to my faves! But may I make a suggestion? Use "" instead of &quote. &Quote is a bit hard to read. Makes it confusing.
i_love_pancakes replied...
Aug. 5, 2011 at 9:32 am
It was normal with the "" but the editors i guess added the &quot for a very strange reason...
ekaterinahansing replied...
Aug. 5, 2011 at 11:54 am
Ah. Well anyway, thanks for writing this! I think it's great
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