Written for the Heart Mind and Ears

July 19, 2011
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I felt him over my shoulder reading my work as I wrote. Suddenly I felt his strong hand on my left shoulder. I turned my head, knowing what was coming next. His lips crashed against mine, softly at first. As we got more passionate the kiss began to grow hard and full of energy. Still kissing him, I set down my notebook on the table. He took me into his arms and cared me to the bedroom.

The next morning I awoke to Jessie playing with my hair. He always wakes me up in the strangest ways. But God is he cute, none the less hot. It is kind of funny though because my bestfriend, a guy, happens to have the name Jessie too. I think it is quit funny. We started getting sexual again until he said "Taylor, we have to stop. We do have to work today"
"Ugh, I much rather stay here with you".
I get up and pick out my outfit for the day. It is made up of and pretty purple skirt cover in tasteful flowers and a cute purple top and my favorite brown jacket. I work as and writer and editior in the U.K. and am almost finished at school for building architecture. I go back to the U.S. in one and a half months to finish up. While in the U.S. i just write. That I unless someone emails me something of their's to look at. I meet Jessie when I firt came over here, to the U.K., he is really sweet and a great writer. While he writes shorts stories and is working on a book, he mostly writes song and plays quit a couple instruments. He has his own band. Right now they just play at cafe' and things of that nature. He is about 5' 11'' with light brown hair, and he is rather well built. We meet when he heard me in my aparment playing my keyboard and sing a song I was working on. It was kind of love at first site. We got to talking and he has a great insite. In fact he is the one who tought me here, here, and here. That when we write we should be writing for both the heart, mind, and when it comes to music the ears. I think that has really helped me with my writing. Plus it has made our relationship quit... intresting, if you get what I mean. Right now, when I am in the U.K. I live in his apartment. The walls are full of our art. He says I am the better artist, but I don't know, I love his work. Really his here, here, and here thing can be used in art two. It is quit something his saying. It can be put up to most anything.
I open the door to our work suprised to see Natile back already. She just had a bady three weeks ago. Oh, I see now she brought her baby boy with her. Gosh he is so cute. What was his name again, oh yea Brian. I can already see he will be still girls hearts by the time he is a teen. Oh yes, I get to hold him. It has been a while since I worked in the nursery at my church back in the States but I stil got the touch. How is it I am so awesome with kids I will never know. I can't wait to have my own.

I just got home from work. Jessie went to get us something to eat. I made an apointment with the 'female' doctor on the way home. I haven't had my period all month. I hope it not to bad I don't want the problems form when I was a teen coming back.

"Miss, you are pregnate"
"Your are going to have a baby"
"Wow, that just, Wow"
And it has to be Jessie, he is the only guy I have ever been with sexually. I can't wait to go home and tell him.

As I get home is see him reading over what I was writing last night. He looks up and me and says " I think we should try this".
"Well, we will, just not right now. I have some great news to tell you"
"What?" he says coming over to me and taking me by the waste.
"We are going to be parents"
"You mean I am going to be a dddddd... dad"
He pick me up and spines us around with joy. He is going to be a great dad.
He sets me down and says " You know what? The baby is going to be just like you here, here, and here" He said it while pointing to my heart then my mind, but them he pointed to my eyes." This baby is going to see this world in the same amazing way you do."

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