Romance Thrown in the Trash

July 19, 2011
By Anonymous

Art class was something new. I've never been in art because it's not required. Once all my friends decided to take art so did I. Art really wasn't my thing. To be honest i was terrible at it, but he was the one thing that kept me in that class.
I was new that year and the teams were split up so i had never seen him before. Maybe in the hallway once or twice, but it wasn't anything to special. Once we got our assigned seats he sat right next to me. The first week of art i barely moved. Of course i had to be that shy person. Pointless to be, because he definitely was not shy. He tried talking to me but my replies were below the sound of a whisper. Pretty embarrassing huh.
After the first week i made a promise to myself that I'd quit being so shy. Class on Monday actually turned out good.
I talked to him and everything. After school he texted me. From then on all we did was talk. He always told me how pretty I was, told me my eyes were pretty. Yes, the real deal. He made me feel important and wanted. Finally, he asked me out. I felt great. We talked and held hands down the halls. We were always together or on the phone or texting. We were pretty much inseparable.
Weekends were with him, after school i was with him, pretty much every waking moment i was with him. No regrets here, but all that time together was a waste. After all being cheated on is the worst thing that could happen and when he did it with your best friend. Now that's even worse. You know whats worse then being cheated on while your best friend was the person he cheated on you with? This is what, walking in on them on your birthday at your birthday party. After that, i was in some what of a terrible deep depression that no one could do anything about.
I wouldn't talk or answer calls. At school i was a zombie. No, my so called best friend didn't even care. She thought it would be all good and dandy after she apologized. Apology not excepted. Well he on the other hand never spoke to me again so there went a whole nine months of my life. Wasted on a guy that wasn't greatful for what he had. And for that he lost me

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