The Meaning Of A Kiss

July 15, 2011
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She turned to look at him expectantly, almost eagerly. She could feel what he was about to do; her senses heightened and her heart beat grew faster. She stared at him for a second before he slowly met her gaze. His light green eyes brightened instantly upon seeing her face. What beauty he thought, unaware that she was thinking the same thing. He saw lust, necessity, and admiration, fill her round dark eyes; at that, he smiled. She slid her hand around the back of his neck gently and smiled back. God, how she adored that charming goofy grin of his. He cupped her face tenderly, his fingers grazing the bottom of her lightly as he pulled her closer. She parted her lips slightly and received his kiss with warm welcome. He was flushed; his stomach fluttered and he body craved more. He kissed her steadily with ease; the act reminded her of the strong relaxing sway of a rocking chair. She pulled back slowly; a curious expression had taken over her face. She looked at the full perfect lips that differed so much from her own. Where her top lip was a shade of pinkish brown, both of his were a soft shade of bubble gum pink a shade lighter than her bottom lip; she brushed her finger slowly across them. He found his own curiosity aroused by her cute gesture of wonder. He pondered what she might be thinking. Suddenly she drew in a quick breath and asked “baby, what makes you want to kiss me?” He knew the answer before she had even asked. He didn’t rack his brain for words that he felt she might want to hear. No, he only had one word on his mind. He blinked lazily and without missing a beat he simply responded, “Love.” Her mouth stretched into a wide satisfied grin; his heart raced. She leaned into him and pressed her lips softly against his. He enjoyed his prize, though he did not understand her look of pleasant surprise. Silly girl, He thought, she should have known that all along.

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