July 8, 2011
By neeka BRONZE, Delta, Utah
neeka BRONZE, Delta, Utah
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Insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result.

I ran down the shiny blue halls, I was late, the floors were just polished and the smell of the fresh shine filled the high school. I turned a sharp corner... Wham! I bounce off a huge hard body, I found myself on the white floor and my books spread and thrown across the floor as well. I looked up and saw a boy, he was tall, and had straight blond hair, long enough to touch the tip of his ears. His pale skin made his intense green eyes pop like neon green in a sea of black. I didn't know him so must be the new boy. "I'm so sorry." his sexy deep voice filled the silence between us, he reached down and held out his hand. I reached up and took it, he pulled me up before I could pull myself. He pulled me so fast and so smoothly we were standing so close our chest were touching lightly, I could feel his breath on my face, still holding my hand. I stepped back and let go, "It's fine...I'm late already." I bent down and slowly picked up one of the fallen books I looked up at him, he already had all the others. He gave them to me, "I should go to class right now." I said quickly, "Right," he said with a smirk. I walked two doors down to a yellow door ,247, English. I noticed that the new kid was following me, I turned around "Do you need help?" I asked. "No," he answered "I'm going to class, room 247, English?" He looked at me curious, "Oh," i said my shoulders sinking. "By the way I'm Tom." he stated "I'm Abby." I responded. I opened the door to the the class and walked in straight to my desk in the front row, the teacher wasn't here yet so I wasn't in so any trouble. I settled down in my set as the teacher walked in, "Oh, you must be the new kid. Any papers for me?" the teacher, Miss.Quackenbush, asked. Tom handed her some papers. She looked at them, "Ok...Tom. Take a seat please." I looked around, all the girls were staring at Tom, and the only seat open was next to me. He sat down and pulled out papers and started drawing something, Miss.Quackenbush started on reviewing adverbs, I doodled. Class went by fast. The bell rang and everyone got up, Tom tossed a folded piece of paper, I opened it. It was a drawn picture of me, and it was amazing. I gasped,and looked up at him, "You did this?" I asked like a stupid person. He answered, "Yeah, keep it... I can make others." And he walked out the class.

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Frinner said...
on Jul. 20 2011 at 5:13 pm
Frinner, Oak City, Utah
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"I. Will. Eat. Your. Soul. OOOOH SHINY!!!"

This is pretty good!!! :D


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