Summer Love

June 29, 2011
By Anonymous

its the day that would have been our first anniversary. I look back over what all has happened over the past year and smile. if only i knew that you would have given me such happiness that lasts longer than you.
one year ago we decide that it was finally time that we did something about our feelings toward each other. over the next two months we had our ups and downs and showed each other that we care about each other very deeply.

after so long together you decide it was time for me to meet your mom. we head out even though we know that the weather was only going to worse as the night went on.
after we drove almost there you pulled over and took my hand. "baby i love you more than you could ever imagine." you released my hand and just went on during. i was stunned the whole way there so i didn't answer you.
the night went wonderful and your mom loved me more than we thought she would. on the way home you kept looking over at me and giving that wonderful smile like you always do. you pull over again and lean across the seat and kiss me and tell me you love me again. what we didn't know was that there was a drunken man coming down the road and didn't see us. he slammed into the back of our car and it shoots the both of us through the front windshield.
i finally wake up and see you laying not to far away from me. i see that you are bleeding and have already lost a lot of blood.
i see the paramedics coming up the road so i know i don't have much time. i lean over and kiss you and look into your slowly closing eyes.

to this day i always remember the last words i ever spoke to you.

"Baby i love you more than you or i could believe."

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