Meant to Be

June 20, 2011
I walked out the door of a house much like my own, escaping the party into a night of quiet serenity; the vast front yard visible from the quaint front porch. In the dusk light, a young girl riding her petal pink bike dings her bell excited the air is now warm freeing us all from the duty of school. I move towards the love seat, where he is staring at his hands folded in front of him, he is hunched forward obviously deep in thought. As I sit down, he is startled from the corridors of his mind relaxing his body playing off his worry but his eyes tell all.
Nothing is said by either of us. I curl up towards him resting my head on his should as he puts his arm around my shoulders. Our other hands grasp the others’ linking us even further. He sighs deeply squeezing me tighter as if he never wants to let go. We both know this isn’t possible and somehow I know that is what he was thinking of earlier. I stare out at the young girl making circles on her bike back and forth. It is her oldest brother’s graduation party we are at. I guess technically it is our party in a way as well- all of the class of 2013’s party. Our whole crew is here, joyfully reminiscing and anxiously talking of the future. As the girl inadvertently traces an infinity sign on the dark pavement, I break the silence.

“It will be okay. We’ll make it okay.” I say in an attempt to convince not only him but me. He strokes my fingers lightly, “I don’t doubt the possibility. I just can’t bring myself to make you wait for me all alone. I can’t put this kind of stress on you. You are eighteen years old for goodness sake and do not need this right now nor ever. You deserve better. You deserve someone who will be here for you.”

Despite the heaviness of the moment, she cracked a smile, c*** her head towards him taking the marine cap off his head and onto hers. She said confidently “To hell with what you think I deserve. Hardly anyone gets what they deserve. “ Then a smirk comes across her face, “But I usually get what I want and I want you.”
With that he brought her onto his lap kissing her, loving her more and more with each passing day. There are many beautiful girls in the world but few with her natural glow. There are some who also have intelligence greater than that of the common person. And there is no one that can parallel her ability to make others feel the way one feels when in her presence. No matter who you are or what you have done she can find the inner strength and beauty of not only every person who she comes in contact with but any situation. She is one of a kind. She had made his guilt for leaving her for unspecified amounts of time to serve the county evaporate with one sentence. She had unbelievable faith in all those around her and unbelievable faith in him.
He wanted to stay with her for the rest of his life always cherishing this moment sitting on the porch with her where she defined their future together infinitely. With these thoughts all running through his mind, he pulled out a small box as he kept her close to him unable to see, enclosing it within his big hand. Something he had not planned on doing but brought along just in case. He had no money for a proper engagement ring. But her mom had stopped him before they left for the party. She simply slipped the box into his hand with a smile.
He stood from the love seat and walked to the edge of the porch watching the last rays of light disappear, the first star emerging. He walked back towards her and kneeled before her on the seat. She cocked her head about to make an amusing comment of his strange behavior.
Taking in a deep breath he looked into her eyes knowing there could never be another. “Will you marry me?” The words were spoken in a romantic, soft tone. With a smile she shakes her head and says “Yes.” He swooped her up into his arms kissing her.
Inside their group of friends pressed against the porch windows, cheer loudly. All of them expected this. They were unbelievably happy for their friends who had always not only been there for each other no matter what but had always dropped everything even their dates to be there for each and every one of them at one point or another. The little girl, now off her bike, yells, “Look there’s a shooting star!” Inside her brother stared out and murmured, “Now that’s an omen if I ever saw one.”

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