As We Speak

June 26, 2011
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"Where will you go?"
"Anywhere but here."
"I can't stand it"
"What can you not stand?"
"Seeing you."

"It's snowing."
"It's cold."
"It's pretty."
"It's strange."

"You haven't called."
"You didn't care."
"The hell I didn't!"
"Your point?"
"Just call me next time."
"Or else...?"
"You don't want to know."
"Will you hurt me?"
"Will you kiss me?"
"That's a possibility."

"You're insane."
"As are you."
"Are you saying you like me?"
"I'm saying you aren't as bad as you could be."

"Who was she?"
"No one important."
"Oh? Then why was she over here?"
"She was ordering a hot dog."
"Your 'hot dog'?"
"Kinda. I do work at a hot dog stand."

"I need you."
"You can't have me."
"I've got popcorn."
"Fine. I'll drive you to the movies."

"What the hell!?"
"You love him!"
"Why are you here!?"
"I love you, too."

"Where's the ice cream?"
"I threw it away."
"You need to talk."
"I talk!"
"When you dive for the ice cream, chick flicks and sweat pants, I know you need to talk about someone."
"You already know who."
"I know."
"So why are you asking me?"
"Because I love you more than he does."

"I'll see you when semester starts."
No you won't."
"I won't?"
"I'm leaving."
"What? Why?"
"I can't stand it."
"What can you not stand?"
"Seeing you go."
"So you're leaving?"
"Where are you going?"
"With you."

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