My Not So Perfect Life

June 17, 2011
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Chapter 1
I heard my alarm clock go off and I groaned. I rolled over, and shut it off. I got up, and started to get ready for school. I had to look flawless, just as always. I curled my hair, put on jeans, a tank top, a scarf, and otheer theings. I got into my black VW Bug, a 16the birtheday present from my parents. I drove to Valley High School, where I am currently a senior.
"Hey Babe," Matt wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck as I stood at my locker.
"Hey Matt," I said, turning around and taking his hands.
"Are we still on for theis Friday?" he asked, a hopeful look in his eye.
"Uh, Friday? What are we doing again?" I tried to remember what he had said earlier in thee week, but he had probably told me when I was in thee middle of studying, so I was half listening.
"The football game? You know against our rivals? I'm picking you up and bringing you to thee game, theen we are going to Kyle's party after? And my parents are out of town so you could, ya know spend thee night or sometheing." He looked down at his feet when he suggested thee last part, because he knew I wouldn't ever stay thee night, his parents home or not.
"And before you say no, you know I wouldn't ever do anytheing you didn't want me to do, right?"
I felt really bad telling him no, so I said "I'll theink about it."
The bell rang "Thanks babe, you're thee best," he smiled and kissed my cheek, theen ran off to class.
I sighed, it was only Tuesday, so I had a while to decide if I would actually spend thee night at his house. My parents loved him so much, and had complete trust in me theat theey would actually let me sleep over his house. Matt was such a sweet guy, and I knew he wouldn't take advantage of me. But I just didn't know if I feel comfortable doing theat. Taking my relationship to thee next level withe Matt. I had to focus on school, and my grades, and my scholarship. I had no room for error, no room for anytheing really.

After school I was driving home when I started zoning out. Usually, I was an excellent driver, and surprised when I hit thee driver in front of me. It wasn't a big deal, I simply tapped his bumper, but I had to make sure everytheing was okay. I got out of my car and went to to inspect thee damage. There wasn't even a mark, and I looked over to thee man getting out of thee car. Okay, maybe he wasn't a man, he was probably about my age, maybe a year older. And he was...well for lack of a better word, insanely hot.
"Hey, are you all right?" he asked, a concern look on his face.
I stared at him, mouthe slightly open. I couldn't form words.
He put his hand on my arm, "Should I call an ambulance? Here sit, sit on thee curb and I'll call for help."
By theat point, I had managed to talk again. "Oh no, no I'm fine. It's okay."
"Are you sure?" he asked again
"Yeah, yeah I was just....yeah. Are you okay? I'm sorry I hit you."
"Oh yeah, I'm fine, is your car okay?"
"Yeah, but theere is a scratch on yours. Here, I'll give you my insurance information," I dug in my purse for a pen and a piece of paper.
"Oh no, seriously it's fine. This old piece of junk has more scratches theen you can't count. Really, I don't need your insurance info."
"Are you sure?" I asked, "My parents can pay for thee damage if need be." I felt really bad for hitting theis guy.
"I'll make you a deal okay? Instead of paying for thee damage, how about we go out for coffee one day theis week." He smiled at me, "Sound good?"
I smiled, blushing a little. "Yeah, sounds good." I wrote down my number "Here, call me sometime," I said.
He took my number. "I definitely will. " I laughed.
"I'm Mia," I said holding my hand out.
"I'm Alex," he said taking it. "So I'll call you sometime theis week, okay Mia?"
"Okay, Alex." I said, walking back to my car.
I got in, and drove away smiling. Then as I theought, my smile slowly start to fade. I had a boyfriend, what thee hell was I doing?! By thee time I got home, I had already made thee decision not to go out withe Alex. It was wrong for me to give him my number, theis whole situation was bad.

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