Once Upon a Rose

June 15, 2011
By Anonymous

… I was journeying through the desert in Arabia. We had been traveling for days and nights. Oh, and if I haven’t mentioned this already, I’m a flower, a red rose.

I am not journeying alone for flowers cannot travel because they have no feet. I’m traveling with a prince called Harry. This prince is bald and wears hats everywhere so that his head didn’t get hot and sunburned. We both traveled on Prince Harry’s horse. I was propped in the mane of the mount and Prince was sitting comfortably in the saddle, and, in a very unprincely manner, was gobbling down some Cheetos.

This is back in medieval times, and my prince was off to find a princess. Suddenly I spotted some trees ahead and, perhaps, a glimpse of green. Though I’m a flower, I have eyes and can see twice as well as a human. As we approached the trees, I saw that there was a hill, and on this hill loomed a castle close enough for me to see that in a high window stood… a knight with shining armor, locked in the castle. Suddenly he jumped out of the window.

The knight landed with a THUD! He sat down and all at once we heard a mumbling sound. It was the cavalier and he was muttering, “ Blasted helmet!” This is what I saw. A knight calling his helmet stupid, a prince on a horse, stuffing Cheetos into his mouth (the prince not the horse), and a grey stone castle with a massive amount towers and flags. The castle door was big and wooden, so big that from where my prince was sitting, it still looked big enough for him to fin it. Around the castle was grass so green and bright and shimmering that it hurt to look at it for long. Abruptly, I was pulled back into reality by the knight who was saying, in a surprisingly high and girly voice, “ Finally I got that DREADFUL thing,” she spat out the word thing, “ off!” I turned to see what the knight’s face looked like and saw standing before me what was either a man with shining golden hair tumbling down to his waist, or a girl, with long hair, dressed as a knight. Then my prince tried to dismount with dignity(which he’s never had) but ended up catching his foot in the stirrup and tumbling head over heels and landing at the feet of…, “ Princess Butternut. You?” Okay, so, before I was so rudely interrupted, I was going to say that he landed at the feet of…, “Why hello, Princess Butternut, sorry for the inconvenience, I’m Harry, Prince Harry.” Oh, forget it. Anyway, he said that last line while smiling stupidly. How EMBARRASSING! “ Fair princess” at this point Harry knelt down, “wilt thee accept this humble flower from thy servant?” Oh brother, I knew what was coming, “ …and wilt thou be my bride forevermore?” (His eyes were practically hearts!) The princess answered, “ Oh Harry, what more could I ask for? I will gladly marry you but… for the love of something I’m not going to mention please just use words not jibber-jabber!” The prince was at a loss of words (for once in his life I might add) but he quickly handed a flower to… wait a minute! Stop! Hold it! The flower he handed to her wasn’t just any flower… it was… ME! No! I screamed silently, (a flower can’t talk but it can think) but she took me anyway. So I put on my smelliest perfume. She inhaled and exhaled and threw me to the ground. Harry picked me up and placed me back in the horse’s mane.

Soon Harry and Butternut were married and on their honeymoon. I traveled with them. They talked and laughed and kissed and joked and laughed some more. We were all merry out here and back at the castle, the family was happy. We never found out why the princess was dressed like a knight and why she jumped out of the window. I guess that’s for them to know and me to find out. Anyway, that night the sunset was a beautiful mix of blood red, harvest gold, fiery orange, corn yellow, and deep indigo sky. As we rode away I felt a peculiar feeling that something was going to happen. Suddenly I knew. My time was almost up. Unlike a human’s life, a flower lives for a very short time. My prince knew it to so he just left me alone. My prince is very wise in subjects he needs not be and very stumbling in every subject he should be wise in. He let me sit. And wither and die. I was thinking about my life when suddenly I was airborne. And I realized that I was floating, drifting down to the rocky, sandy earth. As I lay on the desert floor, I watched my prince and now, my princess, kiss under the sunset. And then I was gone. Gone from this world.

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