Two Perfect Eyes

May 31, 2011
By sambadagger BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
sambadagger BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
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The day’s first light peaked over the vast mountains. The cool air cleared Alice’s mind which was still whirling from her dream the night before. She slipped on her helmet and threw her long legs over her motorcycle. She couldn’t remember much about her dream, just that he was in it. Which meant it was a good dream. She kicked the bike into gear and was off.

The wind played with her long blonde hair as she drove fast, but not too fast because she was in no hurry to reach her destination of school. The birds were chirping and the golden sunshine danced over her through the tree leaves. She couldn’t help but to think of Braden.

He was perfect. She could gush about his perfection all day. Which according to her best friend, Heather, was exactly what she did. He had these eyes and to call them brown would be an insult. They were more like melted chocolate. They were so warm and deep. And framed with long black lashes.

A car hocked and brought her to reality. She was at school with almost no memory of how she had got there. She pulled into an empty spot and looked around the busy lot. She easily spotted Heather in her Barbie pink car and walked over to her.
“Wow. Now I know why you drive that death machine.” she gave Alice a sly smile and nodded to the boys who were looking in her direction. Alice looked down and felt the color rise in her cheeks. Just then she heard laughter and looked up to see him. Braden, walking down the sidewalk with his perfect eyes on his perfect face on his perfect head on his perfect body.
Alice was memorizing the way the light made his skin look like bronze, when Paris ran up to walk with him. Alice’s heart sank like the Titanic, and she turned away

“Maybe he doesn’t like her anymore, Lissa.” Heather had read her mind like always and was trying to help, but Alice could feel the guy of her dreams leaving with the girl of his and it wasn’t Alice. She just wanted this day to be over.

The day was merciful and ended quickly. Alice ran to her only true love, her motorcycle, and started to drive anywhere but home.

She drove fast. And when she started to think of Braden, she drove faster. She didn’t think or feel, just drove. The wind ripped through her hair and she smiled. She felt powerful. The sun kissed her goodbye as it dipped into the horizon.

Alice slowed her bike to a crawl as she came to a spot that looked out onto the entire city. It was breath taking. She turned the key and put down the kick stand. Where was she? She looked around the quiet neighborhood. Had she been there before? Suddenly, she relized she wasn’t alone.

“Alice?” Braden asked into the chilled evening air. “Is that you?”

How could it be him? The very act of running away from Braden had brought her face to face with him.

“Yeah, it’s me.” Alice answered to those sparkling eyes. She heard him laugh softly.

“I could tell by the bike.” he said as he flashed her a grin.

“Sorry. I’ll go. I was just trying to figure out how to get back home.” Alice watched his face become confused.

“No, don’t go. It seems a shame not to share this view with someone.”
Alice sat down in the grass next to him watching the city twinkle before them.

“It’s beautiful,” Alice stated. And it truly was, but for some reason Braden’s eyes turned to Alice as he answered.

“Simply stunning.”
Alice smiled at him almost forgetting why she couldn’t love him.

“Where’s Paris? What’s she doing tonight?” Alice asked. Her words coming out in a rush.

“I don’t know. Does it matter? I don’t like her anymore.”

Alice couldn’t believe her ears.

“What? Why not?”

“Because,” Braden answered softly, a smile playing on his lips, “I like someone else.”

“Who?” Alice begged to know of a girl lucky enough to have him.

“This perfect girl who rides a motorcycle and has the most dazzling eyes.”

And with that, he kissed her. In the perfect place, at the perfect time, in perfect way, with his perfect lips, stopping only to gaze at her with those perfect eyes.

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