Eternity in Silence

June 10, 2011
By Anonymous

The day he met Emily was the day when his world turned completely around. His life was fine, but she brought perfection to it. I know that he loves her and can’t stand being without her. Unfortunately, her parents don’t want with him, mostly because of an ex-boyfriend that almost got her killed. She is beautiful, like an angel on earth. “Can I see you tonight?” asked Jake talking to Emily over the phone.
“Well yeah you can .I’ll take my parents car and drive to your house, “said Emily. “No Emily, please don’t do that. Your parents will kill you if they find out and they will especially kill me if they find out you came to see me “, replied Jake with a worried voice. “Well okay then. I’ll see you in a bit. Please be careful and I love you. Jake had said. “Ok I love you too… bye “said Emily. “Bye “said Jake ending the conversation.
Emily hung up her phone, and put it back where it belonged. She quietly tiptoed to her closet and took out some clothes to change into. She was trying to be as quiet as she could, so that her parents wouldn’t hear her. After she finished changing, she quietly walks down the stairs and into the kitchen, where her dad’s keys were at. She looks out the clock and reads 11:07 pm. she decides that she will try to be home before 2’o clock. Meanwhile, Jake is waiting outside his house for Emily. He’s near the forest where him and Emily loved being at night, to look at the dark sky with the bright stars shining , and just listening to the sounds of the wind rustling up the leaves and the beating of their own hearts . Emily is sitting there, not even knowing how to drive, but she starts the car and starts inching down the drive way. She hopes that her parents don’t hear her taking the car away. She starts driving, knowing that she doesn’t even have a license, least of all a clue of what she is doing. She sees how dark it is outside and prays that nothing bad will happen all of the sudden she starts to have trouble driving and notices the road is really wet. She pays no attention to it because she realizes that she is only a couple seconds away from Jake’s house, and the forest where she was supposed to go comes into view...

Jake is sitting there on the grass waiting impatiently for Emily to arrive. He sees that it’s getting really late, and still no Emily. Suddenly Jake sees a bright light shining straight through the forest. He gets up very excited thinking that Emily is finally here. But out of no where the light fades away until he can no longer see them. Instead he hears a loud, weird noise and he sees smoke and a blaze burning through the trees. Worried, Jake runs through the forest, hearing behind him birds flying away, and twigs snapping as he runs by. Running as fast as he can, Jake finally gets to what he thinks is Emily. His heart stops when he realizes his worst nightmare has come true. There amidst the rubble, he makes out Emily’s fathers car and inside Emily. He could not believe what horrors he was witnessing. He rushed over to get her out, and he sat there with her till the paramedics came and took her away from him. Everything was going too fast for Jake to even know what had just happened.

Days pass and Jake still hasn’t heard anything about Emily .The horrifying picture of her in the car was still all too fresh in his mind. Jake closes his eyes trying to push the picture out of his mind but he knew he couldn’t put it aside any longer. But then he hears a noise in front of him and when he looks up, and through the tears he sees the silhouette of Emily .he wipes the tears out of his eyes and looks at her.
“How, what are you doing here? “He asks.

“You told me to come didn’t you? “She replies in a voice that seems to flow out of the wind.

“Well, yes but Emily that that was days ago and you were in the hospital .I didn’t know what had happened to you.”

“Oh um, yes but I was let go.”

You looked as if you were in terrible condition… I thought I lost you…..”

“No don’t worry; I’m fine, “Emily replies trying to calm Jake down. So then Jake seeing that she was ok, calms down. But still, something was very peculiar about Emily, something that he never seen before. He notices that she is very pale and has a faint glow to her. He tries to ignore everything that has happened to him and put it aside. He walks towards Emily and when he hugs her, he gets chills down his spine and feels that Emily is very cold. He backs away from her and the worst thought came to his mind, Emily was gone ,that this wasn’t his Emily , only the ghost of what remained . He closes his eyes and he feels that her presence has drifted away. He opened his eyes and she was gone.

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