June 10, 2011
By One_Writer_One_Love BRONZE, Herndon, Virginia
One_Writer_One_Love BRONZE, Herndon, Virginia
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“Well, it’s not just photography it’s just Art in general but mostly photography. I do it because…there’s something about being able to capture the perfect moment…photos, to me, last a lifetime along with those feelings in that photo. I like to take those pictures of things like sunsets or landscapes or people who are happy at that moment. To me, once I take the picture, those moments are permanent, even those feelings aren’t. And I’ve always tried to find constants in my life or something permanent because I’ve never had something like that. There are some pictures I take that when I look back at them, I remember every little thing about them. What the weather was like, what I was wearing, why I was taking the picture, if I was alone or with someone and who the person in the picture was, if there was a person in the picture of course. Photography is…real, yet it can be surreal at the same time…and that’s exactly why I love it.”

“Wow,” he said. I smiled at him as he commented on my little speech. “That’s so…true and heartfelt. That’s really incredible. But you said art in general. What other kinds of art do you work with?” he asked me.

“Like, painting, drawing, not so much sculpting, but cooking too,” I listed.

“Cooking?” he asked.

“Yeah, cooking,” I repeated.

“I don’t think cooking really counts as an art,” he said.

“Yes it does,” I argued.

“Not really, it’s not…like…painting or drawing. That’s art,” he said.

“Music isn’t drawing or painting, yet that’s considered an art,” I retaliated.

“Because music requires precision and putting your heart and soul into it,” he said.

“That’s exactly it!” I exclaimed, my voice soft, “Art is anything you can do and put your heart and soul into it and be proud of the results. Art is whatever you find beautiful. Like they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” I told him.

The author's comments:
This is just an excerpt from a piece I'm currently working on. I was just really proud of this part after I wrote it and wanted to share it! Enjoy!

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