merissa and luis #1

June 7, 2011
By werewolfprincess GOLD, Ione, Washington
werewolfprincess GOLD, Ione, Washington
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Death cannot stop love it can only delay it for a bit- the princess bride

Mrs. Thomas felt sad when she read a composition by her eight grade English student Luis. He wrote that he felt ugly and that no girl would ever like him and no girl would ever like him. He even wrote that his parents said he was handsome but he claimed they just said that because they were his parents. Mrs. Thomas wanted to say something that would make Luis feel better about him but she could not decide what to say. One day at lunch, Mrs. Thomas saw Luis sitting alone on a bench, so she walked over and sat down next to him. She told him that he would find someone who likes him and not to worry about it. A couple weeks later a new girl named Merissa moved to town she lived right beside Luis. Every night they would open their curtains and write notes back and forth. When she was about to I love you he left his window and closed the curtain and she felt sad. At the end of December there was a dance since Merissa couldn’t go with Luis she went with the football quarter back bulk. Luis went with some girl named buffy. Everything was going good until bulk tried to kiss Merissa. When Luis saw that he wouldn’t let her go he walked up to help her and bulk ended up hitting Luis. Luis got up and told bulk to leave her alone but bulk wouldn’t listen he just started beating Luis up. The cops came just in time bulk had almost killed Luis. The cops put Luis in an ambulance and took bulk to jail. Merissa rode with Luis. When they got to the hospital the nurses took him straight into the emergency room. Merissa called Luis’s family and friends to tell them what happened. When his mother got there the doctor came out and told them that Luis was okay and that he wants to see Merissa. She looked at his mother to see if it was okay to go see him. His mother shook her head yes. As she walked into his room she could feel tears coming down her cheek. He looked up as she came near. She came and sat down in a chair next to his bed. He told her how he felt about her and Merissa told him how she felt about him too. She told him she loved him. She lay right next to him, holding his hand. As he fell asleep he whispered in her ear I love you too.

The author's comments:
i think this is the best love story i have written

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