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By , Springfield, PA
He was a star collector, he looked at them through glassed telescopes looking out into the night sky for thousands of endless constellations. His job was his life and he knew of nothing else that seemed more important to occupy his time. His every thought was on the sky, the stars, the universe. Until one day he met a girl.

She knew about the skies, she would lay on the hill at the park by her home looking up at towards the clouds and the endless blue sky. Her life was simple and innocent, she wanted for nothing yet she longed for something more. Everything occupied her time dreams, thoughts and ideas. Her every thought was on the dream, the fantasy. Until one day she met a boy.

He was a tight rope walker, his job was to entertain others lives by endangering his own. He had no need for material items his only wish was to live a full and happy life. Silly to think that he would spend his life walking the line between death and applause. He was content to live out his days doing the same routine and receiving the same reverence. Until one day he met a girl.

She was the talk of the town, a socialite of sorts her father's father's father the inventor of some well-known invention used by everyone. Her life was filled to the brim with parties and fun. Her friends were rich and she was rich and everything was just rich, the chocolate she ate was rich, the diamonds she bought everything she knew was rich. She was content to pretend to be content with her life of nonsense. Until one day she met a boy.

While he was in the clouds he'd show her the signs and he'd know what they mean...he couldn't believe he'd found someone as beautiful as her. She was like a comet bursting through his darkened sky. Her amber hair cascaded across the grassy hill they laid on. He pointed out his favorite constellations and told her how one day the stars would cease to exist altogether. Her face was illuminated by the moonlight and he could count the freckles that fluttered across her nose. Her shining green eyes glanced at him from their spot on the stars and he leaned closer to her as his own stars started to shine from the impact of their first sweet kiss. He clasped his hand in hers as their gazes fell on orions belt.

Twinkle twinkle, little dream. She arrived back from the party of a friends, glitter clung to her arms and hair. She was tired but too excited to actually fall asleep. The man at the party was stuck in her head, he charming smile and his general attitude toward life. He said he was a tight-rope walker and she couldn't believe all the things that they had in common despite the differences in their lives. He danced with her all night and her body could still feel the swinging and dipping. She finally crawled into bed at around three and her dreams were filled with the handsome face of a tight-rope walker who danced like Fred Astaire.

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