Circle of Love

May 11, 2011
By katie ambrose BRONZE, Auburn, New York
katie ambrose BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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When you think of high school, images of kids sitting in wooden desk filling in scantron’s with freshly sharpened pencils and hallways filled with the chaos of hundreds of voices between bells, flood the mind. However, high school is not only a place that serves its purpose for. It seems to also serve the purpose of a dating community; almost like a reality dating show where there is always one girl that goes from man to man trying to find the perfect one. The classroom turns into a place to pass love letters back and forth and the hallway serves as a place where PDA seems to not be able to refrain from happening despite the requests from on-lookers.

And then, of course, there is the dreaded tension of the ex-couples having to cross paths on their way to classes. Not only do the ex-couples flood the hallways with tension, but then you find out that your ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend. Every time you pass her, you can’t stop yourself from glaring at her as you pass her, or purposely bumping her shoulder. I’m a teenage girl so I understand that we can be very territorial, but the extent that some people go to over their ex boyfriend having a new girlfriend, when they themselves have a new boyfriend amazes me. The deliberate brushing up against the un-favored “other girl” turns into a verbal exchange and then breaks into a fist fight. Instead of the sharing that everyone is taught in kindergarten, all a teenage girl can think is mine. Like a broken record that one syllable word replays through the heads of raging girls.

Even though you have moved on from your ex, you hate seeing him with someone else. Is it because deep down you still have feelings for him? Is it pure jealousy? The world of dating in the high school gives everyone that deer in the headlights look. The way a teenage girl’s mind in the interest of love works, will never be fully understood.

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I really enjoyed this, it was true and really clear and comepletely relatable. Well done!

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