Wasted Time Ends

May 9, 2011
By fireandearth SILVER, Lawrence, Kansas
fireandearth SILVER, Lawrence, Kansas
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Justin sat in his beanbag chair, staring at the television, he had just turned off. His room began to grow darker, as the sun outside was setting. He had his window, slightly open, letting in a soft cool breeze; but Justin didn’t notice. His thoughts of tomorrow raced through his mind like a tornado across a prairie. His mind filled with worry and panic as he thought, How can I ask her out. Makenna will never, in a million years, let me date her best friend. Then again how do I know Jeanna will even like me. His thoughts slowly calmed down, even though he still worried over his present dilemma, Justin continued staring at the television, and could faintly hear the rain falling down outside.
As the rain began to pick up, he heard his bedroom door, creak open, and Makenna walked in, “Justin, you seriously need to close your window, it’s pouring outside.”
Justin looked up at her and said, “I will…Makenna would it be ok if I ask out Jeanna?”
Makenna was shocked by his question, and with an irritated tone responded, “I didn’t come here to answer your questions. Just close your stupid window,” with that Makenna stormed put of his room.
Justin sighed, knowing that Makenna would never let him date Jeanna, as he got up to close his window. After he had latched the window, he pressed his forehead against it, “I knew she would never say ok.”
Later that night, Justin wanted advice, and severely needed it, so that maybe he could change Makenna’s mind. At first he thought of going to his dad, but his dad couldn’t even get through to her. Maybe her mom could talk to her, he thought to himself, and she might be able to tell me why Makenna hates me. Justin quickly made his way to the kitchen, knowing that his step-mom, would be in there, since she loved baking so much. Without hesitating at the door he walked over to Kim and let himself lean against the counter. “Kim can you tell me why Makenna hates me?”
Kim put down the mixing bowl, that was in her hands and said, “Hun, I don’t think she hates you. Why do you ask?” as she continued what she was doing.
“Every time she talks to me, she sounds angry. Then if I ask her a question, she gets even angrier.”
“Justin I think she is still adjusting to having a brother and step-dad. Its all very different for her, she just needs a little time.”
Justin sighed shaking his head, “What if I don’t have much time?” he said, panicked by the thought, of never getting a chance to date Jeanna. He knew he had wait too long and he couldn’t wait much longer.
“Justin what are you talking about?”
“There is a girl at school, that I really want to ask out.”
“Then ask here out.”
“I cant not without Makenna saying its ok.”
Kim looked at Justin confused wondering what was going though his mind. “Why?”
“Because I want to ask out Jeanna. If she doesn’t say its ok and I ask out Jeanna then Makenna will kill me.” Justin blurted out, his panicked tone obvious to Kim.
“Alright, calm down,” Kim placed her hand on Justin’s shoulder, “ I’ll talk to her, tonight ok?”
Justin sighed, feeling slightly relieved, that he wasn’t alone, and said, “Thank you,” before beginning to leave.
Before Justin was fully out of the kitchen, Kim said, “Justin whether or not, she says its ok to date Jeanna, I think you should ask her out.”
Justin’s thoughts focused on her advice as he left, and went back upstairs and went to bed. He laid in his bed for hours, deep in his thoughts, maybe she’s right, Jeanna and I will be the ones dating. Makenna doesn’t need to be involved. But then again Makenna and Jeanna are best friends, and Makenna would be involved. As the hours past, his thoughts continued some of the positive, but many negative, making him reconsider how he felt for Jeanna, and if it was even worth it. As the night continued on, he slowly began to fall asleep.

The next day, while Justin was at his locker, Makenna and Jeanna walked by. Makenna ignored her step-brother, like always, and Jeanna looked over ar him, as she had done for the last year.
When they were at the other end of the hallway, Jeanna said, “What’s wrong with Justin. He looks sad, maybe we should go talk to him.”
Makenna looked down the hall at him, and said, “ I’ll talk to him later, it will be better if I go by myself.”
“Ok.” After Jeanna, reluctantly, agreed, as she thought to herself, I have class with him , later, so I’ll find out what’s wrong with him.
Makenna had to almost yell, to get Jeanna’s attention, “Jeanna, let’s go we’re going to be late.”
“Fine, I’m coming.”
From the other end of the hallway, Justin watch as Jeanna and Makenna left. Kim was right, I cant let Makenna scare me. I just have to ask Jeanna out. As he walked to his class, he pushed all the negative thoughts out of his head, as best he could.
For Justin, lunch seemed to come faster today. He sat with his normal group of jocks, making himself the butt of everyone’s jokes, just to make them laugh.
While he was distracted, Makenna came up behind him. “Justin, I need to talk to you.”
Justin quickly jumped up, out of his chair and said, “I swear, I haven’t done anything.” with a panicked look on his face. His friends laughed at him, just like they had been doing all lunch.
“I know,” she said, as she began to get irritated, “It’s about what happened last night.”
Justin quickly turned around, confused, “What are you talking about?”
“If you would come talk to me, you would find out,” sarcasm evident in every word.
Justin took a moment to think then grabbed his backpack and followed Makenna, out of the cafeteria. They went to the end of the hallway, where Justin’s friends couldn’t see them, and Justin said, “So what exactly did you want to talk about?”
“Did something happen to her?” Justin asked, worried.
“No, but last night you asked me if you could ask her out.”
“Yeah, and I figured when you yelled at me it was a no.”
Makenna sighed, trying to keep all her emotions in check, “I don’t care if you ask her out, as long as you really like her.”
“Really?” Justin asked confused.
“Yeah, but do it soon, I’m tired of hearing her talk about you.”
“Really?” Justin said, with a smile on his face.
Makenna rolled her eyes, and walked away quickly. Leave Justin, lost in his thoughts.

When sixth hour finally came around Justin started getting nervious.This hour was going to be his best chance to talk to, Jeanna with out Makenna. As he approached the door, he thought to himself, if I ask her out, during this hour, I wont have to worry about Makenna just popping up.
As he walked in, he could see Jeanna sitting in her usual seat. Normally Justin would sit in the seat behind her, but not today, he decided that he was going to sit at her table between her and her friend Mindi. Justin sat there quiet, and completely still for a minute.
As the seconds past, Jeanna became nervous, she wasn’t used to having Justin that close, usually there was something between them. Jeanna tried to distract herself, but there wasn’t anything for her to do, as she thought, Why am I freaking out? I’m the one who wanted to talk to him, but he doesn’t look like anything is wrong with him now.
While her thoughts continued, Justin said, “Jeanna,” but she wasn’t paying any attention. “Hey Jeanna.” Justin put his hand on her shoulder and shook her a little bit. “Jeanna are you ok?”
“I’m fine,” she said, now focusing on him, “I was just thinking.”
“Umm, ok.” As he thought about, what to say next, he relised that his hand was still on her shoulder. He quickly removed it, not wanting her amd at him.
“Justin did Makenna talk to you today she told me she would.”
“Yeah, she did,” Justin tought for a moment, “she didn’t tell you what we talked about, did she?”
Jeanna thought for a moment, “ No, I haven’t talked to her since, my lunch. Why did she need to?”
“No, I can tell you though.”
“Then tell me,” Jeanna said, now extremely curious, about what he was hiding.
“We were talking about you,” Justin paused, grabbing Jeanna’s hand as he continued, “I wanted to know if you would be my girlfriend?” Justin left the question open, waiting for her response.
Jeanna looked at him shocked, she had been waiting for him to ask her out, for over a year. Now he had finally asked, she wanted to jump up and hug him, but class was starting.
“Jeanna could you please answer, waiting is making me nervious.”
Jeanna released a breath of air, that she didn’t know she was holding and finally answered. “Yes, I’ve been waiting, for that question for a long time.”
Justin smiled, finally something had gone the way he had hoped. As they sat there staring at each other, Justin was startled by his phone, vibrating, in his pocket. He kept hold of Jeanna’s hand, in one hand, as he pulled out his phone.
“Who is it?” Jeanna asked, curiously.
“Makenna, she wanted to know if, I had asked you out yet.”
“Don’t tell her, make her wait until after school.”
“That’s not very nice,” Justin laughed.
“I know, but she’s not always nice to people, so why should every one be nice to her.”
Justin smiled and put his phone away, as there teacher began passing out there work for the day.

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