Worries of Life

May 3, 2011
By Anonymous

It was fall of 1903, and the weather was cool and breezy with the sun hiding back and forth behind the cotton looking clouds. Thomas Smith Junior was working hard on the old cars that he fixed up on a regular basis whenever he had time when he wasn’t working. His cars were his everything right there next to his grandfather. They had a really close relationship because his grandfather raised him and he was always there for Thomas when his father wasn’t. His mother passed away when he was six years old because she had tuberculosis. Thomas and his grandfather did everything together when he was growing up. They would go swimming, running, fishing which was their most favorite activity they did together. They would set a day to go at least once a week. When Thomas started to get older he just got busier and busier, so he would not be able to go out and do the fun things he and his grandfather used to do. Even though he couldn’t go and do the activities with his grandfather anymore, he would still try to make time and have a meal with him. Thomas didn’t really have many girlfriends because he would always be busy working and when he wasn’t he would be spending time with his grandfather taking care of him or fixing up his old cars, but he did have a girl that he used to date who was always on his mind. Her name was Sally, Sally Johnson, they were really good friends and started dating and when she graduated from collage she had to move away and they eventually lost contact.

It was getting late and Thomas was finishing up with his cars, he went inside and saw his grandfather lying on the kitchen floor. He ran up to see what was wrong with him and started to try to get him up, but then he realized that he was dead. That is when he started to break down and cry. He was the only person Thomas had in his life and he began to feel lonely.
A couple of months have passed by and Thomas hasn’t been doing very well. He has lost his job and hasn’t really been doing anything with himself. He stopped working on his cars, which was his greatest passion. One day, Thomas received a letter from his old girlfriend Sally. She wrote a letter to him saying how sorry she was for his loss because she knew how close they were. She also said that she was so happy to finally find a way to reach him and she wants to get together and have lunch with him. When Thomas saw the letter, he was so excited because he’s had her on his mind everyday since he met her, but he wasn’t really sure if it was such a good idea to meet up with her because he didn’t know how he would react when he sees her because he has been so depressed.

Finally, it has been a couple of weeks since he replied and agreed to meet with her and she was on her way to come pick him up. That is when he started to break down again because he hasn’t fully recovered and accepted that his grandfather was gone. Sally got to the house and found that the door was unlocked. She walked in and heard him crying in his grandfather’s room. She greeted him and comforted him and she tried to make him feel better. Sally finally convinced him to leave the house and go to lunch with her. They went to a café that was nearby and it was where they went on their first date. They then went to take a stroll in the park and started talking about the things they used to always do together. She had made him the happiest he’s in a while that day and they both realized how much they loved and missed each other. It started to get dark, and it was time for Sally to go home because she was only in town for a day.

A couple more months have passed by and they have been in contact with letters and phone calls each night. Thomas has finally realized that it was time for him to move on and accept that his grandfather is at peace now. That same day, he realized that he can’t lose Sally too. So he jumped in his car and bought a ring and drove all night long to get to Sally’s house. That is when he asked her to marry him and she said YES!

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