April 28, 2011
By Shannyford BRONZE, Easton, Pennsylvania
Shannyford BRONZE, Easton, Pennsylvania
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“Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia.” -- E.L. Doctorow

"Where are we going?"

"Shhh, just trust me."

"But why are we climbing through this ridiculous grass? You know, I'm probably going to get bitten by a tick and fall down the side of the hill and die, and-"

The girl whipped around and, with long strands of blonde hair still in her face, hissed, "Shh! I said just trust me, Kevin, okay?"

The boy was taken aback by the silent intensity in her green eyes, so, with a pout, he agreed. The girl smiled in reply and offered him her hand; blushing slightly, the boy took it and continued on up the hillside. He didn't like it here. The almost silence – broken only by the soft rustling of their footsteps – made him think far too loudly. Here they were in the middle of nowhere, climbing up some grassy hill at the edge of oblivion on a stuffy summer evening. Darkness would be falling soon, and Brianna hadn't even been kind enough to warn him to stuff a flashlight in the pocket of his jeans. How would they find their way to the car? They were going to die out here, lost in a sea of tick bites and darkness, and all because that pale-skinned temptress had talked him into coming out here. What a fine way to-


Kevin had come to his senses an inch away from Brianna's face, the wide grin plastered across her lips almost touching his. "We're here," she whispered excitedly, dragging the flustered brown-haired boy over to the edge of a cliff. She plopped down in a patch of flattened grass and motioned for him to do the same.

Kevin looked around a moment before slowly sitting beside her. The sun was barely visible now, ducking behind the mountains off in the distance. "So…" he began, staring off towards the horizon. He could feel the warmth of her smile as she looked at him, but was too nervous to make eye contact. "Uh. Mind, tellin' me what we're doing here?"

Brianna replied with a playful punch to his arm. "Didn't you listen before?" she chuckled. "I said just trust me. Look." She turned her head to look out towards the horizon just as the last slivers of the sun's light disappeared.


Kevin leaned closer to Brianna, searching for comfort as the night pressed down on his shoulders. It was absolutely, unbearably quiet. Quiet and dark. How was he supposed to look? There was nothing to look at but a sea of blackness. But just as his mouth opened to once again ask the girl why they were here, a tiny blue light popped over the cliff side. It bobbed above the grass before landing gently in Brianna's outstretched hands, gently illuminating her face. She poked at the squishy creature lovingly before sending it back into the sky, its tentacles unfurling and carrying it higher and higher.

Kevin's jaw dropped. Had… had a glowing blue Jellyfish just come flying through the sky? What the H*ll was going on? His mind went into overdrive, thoughts and explanations and questions screaming and scrambling for attention. Had she drugged him? Was he dreaming? Was he dead? He began to panic, but suddenly, his attention was snapped from his head and back to the sky. More blue lights had begun drifting upwards like living stars. His mind became quiet as the swarm of glowing jellyfish swirled and swam above him, their gentle light kissing his cheeks. He barely noticed a soft hand slip over his as he stared on in awe.

The sky began to shift and change, breathing with the couple sitting on the cliff side, new lights still swimming into its open arms. And then the lights parted as the solid wing of a new sky peaked over the edge. The great field of navy and black, speckled with dots of white, waltzed with the jellyfish, its constellation tail trailing gracefully behind it. The great stingray rose higher and higher, carrying midnight on its back.

Both Kevin and Brianna gazed at the sight before them, not thinking or worrying or even registering what was happening before their eyes. At that very moment, the ocean above them had taken away the world, leaving just two humans under the same glorious sky. They were not Kevin and Brianna; they were not leaning upon one another, fingers entwined in the sweet-smelling grass; they were not two souls, eyes shimmering and mouths agape.

They simply were.

The author's comments:
Sometimes, all of that worrying makes you blind to the beauty of the world. Sometimes you have to let it go and just be content with your existence.

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